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Sex with Ian McKinley

anon:  what would sex with ian mckinley be like? love your blog btw! (✿╹◡╹)

Ohhh boy. I think about this way too much tbh.

  • Whispering something in his ear in public and him automatically getting hard and sexually frustrated.  
  • Making out with him for not even ten minutes and him already begging you for more
  • He’d be extremely whiny and needy. The boy tries to come off as a sarcastic asshole, but as soon as you start sucking on his neck, he’s putty in your hands.   
  • All that would come out of his mouth is moans. Occasionally he’d manage to say your name, but he’s so overwhelmed right now he wouldn’t be able to say a sentence.
  • Nine times out of ten, he’s the bottom. He’s extremely submissive.   
  • When he does attempt to be the top, it doesn’t work out well 😂  
  • More than likely, he’d come first, but he wouldn’t leave you hanging afterwards. He’d treat you like a goddess.
  • Afterwards, he’d be the big spoon. He’s gotta make up for all the work you did somehow.  
  • Leaving marks on his body and him trying to hide them, but failing. 
  • Erin teasing him about it for weeks.

a/n: this is probably horrible but i’m new at smut, so spare me please 😂