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Feb 4, 2012

Saturday 35/366

Omg such a good day. Did my morning chores. Kevin picked me up then we got Ramos and via and we were LA bound. First stop was in little ethiopia and we got some BOMB food. Via and I had a bathroom photoshoot hehe. After we took a trip to diddy riese. The boys were fat and got two cookies haaaaaah. Then we were an hour late to Griffith because THERE WAS SO MUCH TRAFFIC! And not enough parking… So MC asking Sean was pretty successful. THE LA SKYLINE IS SO NICE I’ll post a collage soon… Uhm. We had a nice hike going to the car. Nice, dark, and ready for fool around. It was only 7ish when we got back to the car and we still wanted to go out so we had a photosesh at LACMA. We were all pooped and we finally came back to the OC. Kicked it at my house for a bit, had snacks, napped, and then everyone left.