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     Sometimes, I get really lucky! A few weeks ago, I was driving back home from NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas, when I took a wrong turn in Louisiana. I stumbled upon this F-4 on the side of the road, which sort of blindsided me. I had no idea it would be there. It had just been repainted and put on display along side US Interstate 12, in the community of Satsuma, Louisiana. 

     McDonnell F-4N Phantom II, Bureau# 150442 was put on display here after plans for an air museum in St. John Parish fell through. The aircraft will be the centerpiece for a future military park. This F-4 may also mark the entrance to a future airport in Livingston Parish.

     I love the way this bird was illuminated by a single streetlight. It made photographing this scene feel like shooting fish in a barrel. So beautiful.

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OMG XDDDDDD that F4 tag on that third years post XDDDDDDD it made my day XDDDD

Tetsuya - Domyouji. Both are leaders~

Masuko - Rui. As the quietest in the gangs

Jun - Nishikado. As the most communicative ones. 

Ryo - Akira. They both are deeper than they look at first and they really care about their families ♥

I couldn’t find the manga cap I wanted >_<