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EXO gif reaction to their girlfriend swearing in another language.

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Author’s note; I can relate to this in a really deep level hahaha.

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  • Xiumin / Minseok

The two of you were doing your weekly cleaning around the house, when you hitted your toe with a coffee table and you started swearing, as you always do, you started swearing some nonsense in your language. He will approach you not understanding a single thing that came from your mouth but concerned for your toe.

“Jagi, please. can you switch back to korean?”

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  • Suho / Junmyeon

He will understand the situation, being tidy it’s not his strenght, and he has heard you swearing or complaining about this some times before, but his face of not getting a single clue of what you are saying is always the same. A lost puppy.

(ignore Kai, if you can)

  • Yixing / Lay

You were not complaining at him, you were complaining about some work stuff, but since he didn’t understand if you were talking to yourself or to him he apologized in advance.

“I don’t know what is this for, but I’m sorry..,”

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  • Baekhyun

You got mad at Baekhyun because he got a little childish when you needed him to take a mature decision. You stood up and left while saying somethings in your language, for him to hear but not to understand. 

“I actually know what that word means, and you are being the childish” - he said, pouting and imitating your native words.

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  • Chen / Jongdae 

You two were having a dinner at some new restaurant, the food was good but the waitress was super rude to the both of you, so you swore a bit in your native language, Jongdae, knowing what you were doing just nodded and chuckled a bit.

“And just in case, his mother too”

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  • Chanyeol

You rarely got mad in front of him, so when you got mad while talking to your mom at the phone, at first, he was a bit scared because he has never heard you talk like that, and he will realize that he is not getting a single word of whatever you are saying and chuckle.

“I don’t want you to get mad at me too, but It was so fun, I wasn’t understanding a thing.”

  • D.O / Kyungsoo

You had a fight with one of your friends, and while explaining it to Kyungsoo you said some things in you native language as you always do when you get too emotional over something. He’ll try to keep up the conversation and ask later for an explanation of what you said.

“I think I’m not getting the full conversation thanks to you switching languages.”

  • Kai / Jongin

It doesn’t matter why or to who your are talking about, he knows that if he suddenly hears your native language it’s turn to run and hide.

“Oh, gosh, not this again!”

  • Sehun

You two don’t usually get mad at each other, but when you do the whole buidling trembles, this time was a bit differente, the argument ended with some laughs because your lovely boyfriend swore in your native languge as you use to do.

“I’ve heard that word so many times that I can actually say it.”

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“Sometimes you talk in your sleep.”

Pairing: Chanyeol x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Word count: 651

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It is already 3AM when Chanyeol gets back from his flight and he is heading to your apartment instead of his dorm. He is tired because of the jetlag of course, but he can not wait any longer to meet you. It has been more than six months since the last time he meets you and it is really hard. Yes, both of you frequently do video call, but it is different from being next to each other.

Today, he is going to surprise you, the moment you are awake. He does not tell you that he is going back today and the flight is not written on EXO’s official schedule, so he is 100% sure that you are sleeping already.

He opens and closes the door of your apartment quietly. He is right - the apartment is soundless. He opens his carrier slowly and takes his comfortable clothes. He has some clothes inside your cupboard actually, but he can not afford to wake you up because of the creaking voice when he opens it. Besides, he thinks that he will make noises while changing in your room, so it is better to change outside.

After he is done changing, he tiptoes toward your room. Oh, how his heart is beating so fast. He will be very disappointed if he can not surprise you. He pushes the door knob silently and enters your room carefully. You are lying on your single bed with the back faces the door. The voice of your stable breathing fills the room. Chanyeol smiles widely. He tries his best to content his happiness to finally see you, even though you are sleeping already. He can live the night by just watching you sleep to heal his longing.

Chanyeol walks toward your bed and lifts the blanket that covers your body softly. Suddenly, he freezes as you murmur his name. Chanyeol bites his lower lip and not sure whether he has waken you up or not, so he does not respond and just stays till.

“Yeollie,” you call his name again and tosses around. When Chanyeol finally sees you who is still sleeping with eyes closed, Chanyeol can only let out a silent giggle. You are sleep talking again.

Chanyeol carefully slips beside you. Lying his head right beside yours, he tries his best to not breath too loud or too strong. The space between him and you are only centimeters away and in addition, he is having hard time with his feet sticking out from your small bed, but he does not want you to wake up.

“Yeol, ramyun…” you murmur again. Chanyeol now can not hold back his giggle and slips out a small one.

Chanyeol smiles as he carefully puts a strand of your hair behind your ears. He cooes back softly, “Is Y/N hungry?” 

As a reply, you scoot closer to Chanyeol and your boyfriend right away wraps his arms around your body. He strokes your hair as you snuggle closer to the male. You murmur again in your sleep and Chanyeol replies you with a hum and a peck on your forehead.

You groan in your sleep and throw your arms around Chanyeol’s waist. The feeling is so real - the warmth, the smell, familiar heartbeat - you can not help but to peek a bit through your eyelid.

“Yeol…” you murmur, now half awake for real instead of talking in your sleep. You land a lazy peck on his lips and Chanyeol grins, pecking your lips back.

“You wake up already?” Chanyeol whispers, still stroking your head. You nod your head weakly and bury your head on his chest. When he chuckles, his chest sends a comfortable rumble to you, making you hug him closer, tighter.

“You know, sometimes you talk in sleep…wait, no - always,” he says and lands a peck on your forehead, “But it’s cute, so it’s okay~”


request: Hi~~ can i request a scenario of D.O. and an OC reunion after many many years?^^

*I hope you don’t mind, but I made it a couple of months instead:-)

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It has approximately been 8 months since I’ve last seen him.

That’s roughy about 32 weeks, 240 days, and God only knows how many minutes, since I’ve had him in my arms.

I sigh as I walk through the terminal with no sense of purpose. I glance at the watch on my wrist and look at the lazy hands of the clock slowly ticking its way into oblivion.

He should be here now I think as I stop walking, the tires of my suitcase screeching against the freshly polished floor.

A nerve wrecking, spine tingling, electricity runs through my entire body as I think about how our reunion will actually be as opposed to the ones my mind had conjured during these past seven months that we’ve been apart. Since the very millisecond that I sent him off at the airport really.  I had met him when he was filming a movie in America, and developed a relationship during then. We only got to see each other on sporadic times of the year or whenever he would have to shoot another film in the aforementioned country, but it was never too long. This was the first time that I suggested that I come to Korea to visit him, to which he enthusiastically agreed. really has been too long.

After all, it has been 8 months, 32 weeks, 240 days, and God knows how many minutes since I’ve last seen him.

Little drifts of insecurity wash over me as they drill themselves into the crevices of my mind that occupy him.

What if he found someone else?.

More importantly, what if he could do better?

As I fidget uncomfrtably and try to muster the courage to actually search for himt rhoughout the crowded midst of the airport, I hear him.


One look.

One second.

And all of those bad voices went away.

Next thing I know, the only thing that matters was being secure in his arms.

A sob wrecks my body as he wraps his muscular arms over my frame; one hand cups the back of my neck and the other wraps around my waist as he mumbles sweet nothings over and over again.

“Why’re you crying?” he asked with a little laugh as he pulled away and swiped my tears with his thumbs. I determinately stare at the floor to avoid eye contact as my sobs reduce to small sniffles.

“I don’t want to say” I say childishly.


That voice.

That voice makes my knees shake and my heart race.

“Look at me”

He’s not asking, it’s a demand.

As my eyes trail up his lithe torso, up the white button up shirt he’s wearing, trace the outline of his lips to the bridge of his nose…and finally, peered straight into those eyes.

Those ridiculously soulful eyes.

“What’s wrong my love” he mumbles as he looks deep into my eyes, and I’m entranced; I can’t seem to look away.

“I think..that I love you too much” I let out with a sigh, still not breaking eye contact.

At that comment, Kyungsoo lets out a genuine laugh as his lips curving into that infamous smile of his.

“Don’t laugh” I grumble childishly as I hit him on the chest with a balled up fist.

He catches me by the wrist and pulls me in once more, only to link his arms behind my back, like we’re slow dancing.

“Since when is loving someone too much ever a problem” he asks.

“Love is the source of all problems. Look at the Trojan War”

“It’s also the start of all good things. Look at the miracle of life itself” he refutes.

I can’t come up with a counter argument so I settle to just resting my head over his chest.

“These past 8 months… have been so excruciatingly difficult. I knew that dating an actor would be hard but I didn’t know that it’d be THIS hard. Watching you film love dramas with all of those…actresses..All of those beautiful, capable women.. I just couldn’t help but-”


Another demand.

“Don’t do this. Please don’t do this.” he says with a sense of urgency.

“Do what” I ask in confusion and cower slightly at the intensity of his voice.

“Don’t sell yourself short. I love YOU. and only YOU. What I do on screen, is my job. Nothing more, nothing less. And yes. Not seeing each other is difficult for a lack of a better word. Time is just a luxury that we don’t have. But baby, every damn second is worth it with you. YOU make it worth it” he says linking his fingers with mine.

I’m in a state of denial and-or-shock as his impromptu speech shuts me up.

The sincerity in his tone of voice really threw me off and as I glance at his wide eyes, I can’t help but double over in laughter as well.

“Hey hey hey what did we say about laughing” he whines and it’s his time to pout.

“Obba you’re so cute” I chortle as I tiptoe to give him a quick peck.

However, before my lips touch the center of his cheek, I feel something much softer and realized that he had turned his face to face me.

Our lips start to move in sync and I began to lose myself to everything and anything.

The loud roar of the airplanes and chatter of the people fade into the background and the only thing left remaining is just me and him.

He slowly pulls away and gives a light kiss on the tip of my nose before pulling away.

We watch identical grins as he whispers “only 240 more of these left to go”

“Who says we need a number on it”

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