gif: eunhyuk

Super junior getting together, taking pictures, posting them on Instagram, commenting each other’s posts, following each other, making a new Instagram account for the group under label sj’s name………They’re getting ready, they’re coming for us , our souls are no longer safe.


“ The conversation that only has the two of us will be hidden for awhile
Don’t forget to leave a bookmark
This isn’t a full stop its a comma, a beat that has lagged
We have to stand shoulder to shoulder when we meet again
Snow that is falling covers us
In the cold wind, tears roll down my face
Even though you’re not here
I will draw out footprints for you
So that you can come back any time  ”


yesung1106: After long time ^^ #superjunior #holiday

Heechul’s comment on Yesung’s IG post: Indeed there’s a difference to the one Teukkie posted. Your editing is amazing for sure.

Yesung’s reply to Heechul’s comment: Of course! Colour is the most important ~

xxteukxx: ..#meeting..#superjunior#sj#sj#superjunior..

Yesung’s comment on Leeteuk’s IG post: Hahaha, unique teuk

siwon1987: good day for good friends

Yesung’s comment on Siwon’s IG post: Hahaha, maswi (masi but cutely)

eunhyukee44: I’ve also photoshopped. i love you my members #superjunior #sj #슈퍼주니어 #suju

Yesung’s comment on Hyukjae’s IG post: Hyuu.. (sighing noise)

Hyukjae’s reply to Yesung’s comment: Aesongie (c)