gif: eric nam

Even though he’s not as popular I honestly think Eric Nam has the better chance of breaking into the American music industry. He’s had a success with interviewing several Hollywood stars, he speaks fluent English (as he was born there), he doesn’t try to appropriate black culture, and he’s already had quite a few English collaborations with western artists, the latest being Gallant.


Amazing 😢😢😢😢❤❤❤🎶

I hope Eric Nam is doing okay. Before he deleted them he tweeted “my company don’t treat me right” after tweeting 그만 (which means “stop!”), and then he tweeted something along the lines of “not hacked, this is really how i feel”. The 그만 tweet is still there but the other two aren’t. He posted those tweets around 1am so he could’ve had late night frustrations but it’s worrying.