gif: eor

Okay but the fae world in EoR as a metaphor for impossible standards of beauty and life as imposed on us by the media and how social media often only increases that tenfold by making it seem so much more achievable than it is

  • Glamour and how they all hide what they truly look like, including making their clothes seem a lot more beautiful than they are
    • Seriously, literally rotting clothes that look beautiful all of a sudden?
    • Hello instagram filters for your life
  • The fae represent body image issues
    • All the humans want to be faeries because of what they see on the outside
    • Which they only see in glimpses and snapshots, because they don’t know what’s really going on in the fae world
  • And they feel like their lives are not good enough because they’re constantly comparing to a faerie’s glamour, not their real selves
    • Aka seeing your friends’ seemingly perfect lives online and feeling like your life is shit because of it
    • But not realizing that it’s all curated
  • Gadfly = kim kardashian
  • Lots of people who fill their lives with things and images and only feel empty
  • Isobel not caring about Rook’s glamour = she sees him for who he is not who he pretends to be