gif: emh


you know what HABIT reminds me of more than a rabbit?

a snake.

now, bear with me here:

in HABIT’s poem for trial four, lines nine and ten are;

what eats rabbits? snakes.

HABIT really only uses his ‘rabbits’ for amusement, which can be associated with the fact that snakes only need rabbits as food, they don’t mean anything else to them. 

HABIT is also described as a persuasive and possessive entity. snakes are usually portrayed as pretty cunning, like in the story of adam and eve when the devil (in the form of a snake) convinces eve to eat the apple in the garden of eden.

plus, how can we forget, the tongue thing.

just some useless ideas of mine, but maybe i’m on to something. who knows? 

Fictional killer body counts:

John Doe (Seven): 7

Leatherface: 12

Norman Bates (films): 15

Hannibal Lecter (Books): 30

Hannibal Lecter (Tv): 36

Jigsaw: 40

Freddy Krueger: 43

Michael Myers: 111

Dexter (Tv): 135 -153

Jason Voorhees: 158

The Joker: 1000+

Light Yagami: 10,000+

HABIT (EMH):  440,031+ (at the least) to Over 1 billion.