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Ruins of the Kongo kingdom and engravings found in caves and stones

For the people of the kingdom the sun (engraved in the bottom left hand side) was an important symbol as the Kongo people believed in a cosmos divided in two, ‘this world’ (nza yayi) and ‘the land of the dead’ (nsi a bafwa). The two worlds are divided by a body of water, traditionally called Kalunga, and also known as nlangu (water), m'bu (ocean), or nzadi (great river). Life in that sense is a cyclical and repetitive movement between the two worlds mentioned above, resembling the path of the sun. At the rising and setting of the sun then, the living and the dead exchange day and night.
In Kongo belief, man’s life does not end, it constitutes a cycle, and death is merely a transition in the process of change.

The other engravings include a man hunting some type of serpent (bottom right hand side) and a message of some sort on the 1st right hand side.


Semioptila torta, Sakania, DRC by Nigel Voaden


・・・ SHADES OF AFRICA Conceived by The Mother Land, Born of African Soil, Raised by the African Sun, Separated by boarders, United by the ocean, I am… You are… We are… Africa. 

Models: Tshepiso Ralehlathe - South Africa Palesa Ramoshebi - South Africa Adeola Ariyo - Nigeria Happy Jumurerwa - Rwanda Jolie Bashala - Congo Nandi Alexander - Swaziland Gina Mwoombola - Namibia 

Bernice Dodd - Makeup Artist 

Lesca Léa - Photography 

Tshepiso Ralehlathe - Art director 

Zia & Ziiva - Swimsuits