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Can you do some Saihara x Momota fluff headcanons?

Awwwww :D I sure can ^^

Request: Saihara x Momota Fluff HCs

- Saihara is always the one who’s working late, usually pulling all nighters

- This doesn’t bother Momota though, if Saihara falls asleep by the desk he’d often wrap his coat around him or just carry him to bed

- Saihara would often repay him by making breakfast, he’d try his best to make pancakes look like the different planets

- Momota thinks that it’s adorable

- They would go out on dates though, and Momota would often brag to people about how great ‘his Shuuichi’ is, Saihara just pulls his cap over his face at that point

- Momota would also always hold Saihara’s hand giving him the excuse of

- “I just don’t want you to get lost Shuuichi!”

- Saihara never believed him but then again, he wasn’t exactly complaining, he liked how warm Momota’s hand was

- Additionally, whenever they were cuddling together Momota would often tell Saihara how much he means to him

- “As soon as I get the chance to go to space, I’m going”

- “I.. See”

- “But I’m taking you with me of course! There’s something I need to show you after all!”

- “Huh? What is it?”

- “Well… It’s hard to imagine how big Earth is but you can see it all in space… That way you’d be able to imagine what I mean when I tell you, you mean the world to me”

- He then gives him a big grin before ruffling his hair and kissing his cheek