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The Union of Finnick and Annie

Capitol Couture is proud to announce the union of victors Finnick Odair and Annie Cresta. In one of the most highly-anticipated events of the year, the two celebrated their love for one another in one of District 13’s exquisite greenhouses. Friends and witnesses ate, drank and danced the night away; taking the night off to celebrate the power of love and the promising future of this burgeoning rebellion. Best of luck to you Finnick and Annie!

anonymous asked:

You know how District 13 was all underground and military? When the war was one and they could now live overground again do you think these people struggled to adjust? Because they'd lived their whole lives in a military underground place and now they have the sun and no one makes up a schedule for them it's just do what you want now. Do you think they all went outside and went what the eff is that bright light in the sky and the fresh air? No thanks and went underground again?

Interesting question. I’ll bet they did to an extent keep the schedule thing going, officially or not, because when you’ve lived with structure for so long it is hard to adjust to flexibility. They probably did start to rebuild above ground, but they probably kept the military base going underground, like they did when they were under Capitol control before the Dark Days. I’d think they would have the option to keep living underground for at least a while, and that would be a more popular choice with older people. *shrug*


because maybe the best chase scene i know.