gif: dianna agron

Am I the only one who thinks that the Glee fandom made the cast of glee something that they weren’t. Looking back on it I don’t think any of the cast member were as close as we made them out to be. They were close and probably friends, just not as close as we wanted them to be. It sucks they get hate for hanging out with people that they are actually close with rather than hanging out with each other. This fandom needs a serious reality check, it’s like no one can have an opinion without another ship saying that what they think and believe is wrong. And when people do have opinions they are rude little shits about it. Don’t preach about peace when you’re the one that spreads hate about a certain someone or ship you don’t like. There are ways to get your point across without being a bitch about it. I hate when people use Cory for everything. “Oh Cory would be so ashamed of them” I love Cory and he will always have a special place in my heart and I will be a Cory fan to the day I die, but don’t act like your Cory/Jesus and know what the fuck he would say. The slut-shaming has to stop too, it’s not cool and it’s not even the guys in the fandom who do the slut-shaming it’s the girls and it’s sick and gross. Cut that shit out, cause it’s not cool. Naya, Lea, Dianna, Jenna, Becca, Amber, or any girl in the cast can wear whatever the fuck they want, they could have their asses/boobs out, they could be butt ass naked they don’t need your permission or anyone’s validation because they are grown ass woman so stop acting like you’re their parents. These hate blogs need to stop, it’s one thing to dislike a character, but another to completely loathe a person that you DON’T EVEN FUCKING KNOW. Unless you have spent a whole day with the cast individually SHUT THE FUCK, BECAUSE YOUR ARGUMENT IS INVALID. Another thing is with these crazy ass crack ships, ship whatever the fuck you want I couldn’t give a flying fuck. But please realize that these aren’t characters they’re real people so excuse them if they aren’t all fucking each other like you would like. In other words Achele and CrissColfer aren’t real so pipe the fuck down and realize that they are just friends (if this fandom hasn’t fucked that up too) and nothing more. Stop disrespecting them and putting your beliefs and what you want them to do on them. I was completely horrified about what happened to Dot’s friend (or fiancee not sure) on twitter and what happened to Lea and Dianna when they didn’t say happy birthday to each other on twitter, ON FUCKING TWITTER. SO YOU ARE MAD, BECAUSE TWO PEOPLE WHO AREN’T EVEN THAT CLOSE DIDN’T SAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO EACH OTHER ON A FUCKING SOCIAL MEDIA WEBSITE. Get over yourself, really it’s not cool to send death threats to Cory, because he’s with Lea and she'e not with Dianna. It’s not cool to slut-shame Naya and Lea, because they are confident with their bodies. It’s not cool to make someone private their twitter cause your a disrespectful little fuck. It’s not cool to send Will and Mia hate, because Darren and Chris aren’t fucking each other. Will and Chris are dating, Darren and Mia are dating. You can ship CrissColfer all day everyday, but it doesn’t change anything. That is one of the biggest problems with this fandom. Fans/shippers think that they can change who these people are and they can’t. No stupid little poll is going to make them do what you want/believe. Why is Lea and Amber getting hate for posting picture of themselves on their twitter and instagram accounts. Isn’t that what those website are for to post things about themselves. What are they supposed to post pictures of a box. Everyone on instagram has more pictures of themselves than anything, BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT IT’S FUCKING FOR. TO POST SELFIES AND SHIT OR HOW YOUR DAY IS GOING. All these Cory fans (not everyone, just a few immature ones) who claim to spread nothing but love and peace, make me laugh. How are going to have a whole hate blog about someone and then claim to spread love and peace. Please look up what peace and love mean, because you’re part of the reason this fandom looks dumb as fuck half the time. And again it’s not just them it’s a lot more. You can ship what you want, hate who you want, love who you want, but all I’m asking is to respect everyone’s opinion and not be rude little shit bitches.