gif: destiel

So, Dean and Castiel on Valentine’s Day, they don’t make a thing about it. Valentine’s Day for Dean used to mean unattached drifter Christmas, and he’s not exactly unattached now, but the holiday has never been his thing, really. While Cas, well Cas could offer up obscure facts about the martyr the holiday was based on, but doesn’t really see why the candy and greeting cards and flowers are necessary. But Dean asks Cas if he wants to go out for beer and cheeseburgers, ignoring the little smirk Sam hides, and Cas says sure. They eat their meal sitting in a booth at the back of the restaurant. Turns out the place has run out of pie, and Dean tries not to look disappointed, but when they get outside, Cas tells Dean to wait there by the Impala. He dashes across the street to the supermarket and brings back a packaged apple pie, which they eat using plastic forks, sitting on the hood of the car. It leads to slow, cinnamon-flavored kisses, growing more urgent until they get in the car and drive somewhere far away from anything, crawl into the back seat, make each other gasp and writhe, hands over skin, layers of clothing falling away. 

Still neither of them says anything about the holiday, and it’s forgotten, until days later, Cas opens the drawer in his room in the bunker where he keeps his angel sword and his hand gun. He finds a tiny little candy heart taped to the grip of the sword. It says BE MINE on it. And Cas really isn’t sure why candy should be involved, let alone why taping one to his weapon is at all appropriate, but his face grows warm and he can’t stop grinning all of a sudden.

Part one of my secret santa for the lovely profoundbondmates! The prompt provided was ’Dean and Cas with a baby. Could be adopted, could be a fledgling Cas is caring for. Could be deaged Sam or Adam, could be Dean and Cas’s own biological baby. Dean being an awesome daddy and Castiel holding the baby and feeling awed by this tiny little thing.’

trying to come up with a nice mix of the two was funnn ♥