gif: desert island

Dessert Island

“Sorry there has been some mistake. I ordered a ‘desert’ island, as in sand, not ‘dessert’ island, as in ice scream.”

“Oh!” the island maker said, flushed with embarrassment. “Shall I dispose of this then?”

The witch eyed the sugary mountains of gingerbread, the candy coated clouds. “No, no,” he muttered, “I’ll find a way to make this work.”

the signs: stranded on a desert island

aries : tries to stab wild animals with a pocket knife

taurus : builds a tipi

gemini : tries to find other people

cancer : tries to cook something with aries’ and scorpio’s prey

leo : wants to get a tan and sunbathes all day

virgo : attempts to make the water from the ocean less salty

libra : has an urgent need for a mirror

scorpio : helps aries by building traps

sagittarius : still sticks to their workout routine

capricorn : makes cancer and pisces cry by being pessimistic

aquarius : pretends to be in ‘Cast Away’ and talks to a coconut

pisces : writes ‘help’ in the sand

ourloveislegendrarry  asked:

You're on a deserted island with a printer that is running out of ink. You somehow know you have enough ink to only print 3 fan fictions (of any length) to read until you are rescued/ die. What are the 3, and are they your favorite? If no, why these?

Jfc, go with the softballs why don’t you? (though ok, this is the type of hard-hitting question that will keep a brain solidly occupied on the road and i am about that)


1. On the Last Day of Our World by sansa - NC-17, 85k - During a detention, Harry and Draco get locked in a strange room together overnight. When they escape the next morning, they discover they are alone. Love, angst and adventure abound as they struggle to survive in an empty world.

2. We Are Young (I’ll Carry You Home Tonight) by femmequixotic - NC-17, 69k - Harry and Draco have been falling into bed on and off again since the last election five years ago, much to the amusement—and financial gain—of their circle of friends. But when Harry agrees to work with Draco to put Kingsley Shacklebolt into the Minister’s office, they can’t work side-by-side again every day and sleep together; that would be courting disaster. Wouldn’t it?

3. Unhook the Stars by jad - NC-17, 70.5k - “Love is like a Rubix Cube: there are countless wrong twists and turns, but once you get it right, it’s perfect no matter how you look at it.” Seventy-thousand words of pornographic discourse between two boys-turned-men that still haven’t learned how to communicate like normal people – with words.

Those are all among my favorites, but I have many more favorites. I figured I should go with long ones, because in a desert island situation I’d get to memorizing a short one real quick and I think I’d want the journey. And then On the Last Day of Our World would feel super relatable, We Are Young (I’ll Carry You Home Tonight) would be a lot like going to a city and I’d miss that, and Unhook the Stars would be quality porn with feels so. Yeah!! Also that would probably be enough paper to make a giant SOS sign on the beach, but lbr, that’s almost certainly not what I would do with printouts of these three fics.


Losing you is a sold-out movie:
No big deal, just kind of a bummer.

Aaron Tveit singing Desert Island Top 5 Breakups at Paramount (x)