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Nordic Kisses~

Hello, hello anon~! Thanks for sending in the request for the Nordics kissing styles. Now, I believe your request was for passionate kisses, but honestly I had a hard time with that. I really did try but I found the other passion kisses request I did to be difficult (because finding the right gif can be super hard) and that was for main characters! So in the end, because I still wanted to get this out to you, I opted for regular kisses. I’m terribly sorry darling but I still hope you enjoy this anyway~! 

Denmark: His kisses are always very passionate, whether they’re in public or not. He doesn’t do quick pecks.

Iceland: Always starts out a bit tense but quickly turns hot~

Finland: He gives the sweetest, most gentle kisses. <3

Sweden: A little too hard but that’s just because he’s super into it.

Norway:  He gives achingly slow, almost teasing kisses.

-Mod Lily


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“Ever since I was a child, I’ve had a strong sense of justice and there are many injustices in the world. It’s deeply unreasonable to me that as a woman, your gender can result in getting a worse life than you would have had if you were a man. There are strong forces in the world who try to work against [women]. And that’s very sad – especially because all evidence shows that it will have an enormous impact for us all if women and girls get the same opportunities as men and boys.”