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Does anyone just…lay in their bed thinking of how fucking beautiful of a clip Inshallah was?

Like this,

was encapsulated into one,





Ps, sorry if I made your angst worse lol.

August 5, a Saturday: there’s not a cloud in the sky.
If you pay attention, I’ll say goodbye from the top of a building.
August 3, a Thursday: there’s a scar on my heart,
the sixth scar, shredding it to pieces, breaking everything apart, everything.

August 5: In a sunny, cloudless sky
this is the end already. I see myself spread on the ground.


Now it’s a winter night in 1992, always at the side of the Papa I despise.
Well, today, like always he’s fucking me again.
I keep my eyes open to remember the look in Papa’s eyes.

I fiercely plunge what I had hidden,
Straight and deep into the back of his neck.
Bye-bye, bye-bye, bye-bye, bye-bye Father.

Naked. The deep-red flowers blooming in the winter scenery,
Blossoming as a sea of blood.
I am alone.

Embryo - Dir en grey

Return of Homestuck Day 56: Homestuck is not finished yet

Whaddya got this week, homestucks?

Addiction is a powerful thing




I will NEVER get tired of seeing homestuck put with spongebob


Well now thats just good timing


New anon logos!

(There’s a whole set here)

I see what you did there


I lost the source to this deg deg stuck! Send it to me if you have it!!

That’s it for this week, see you guys tomorrow!