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Compare & Contrast: Detective Comics #623 (1990) & Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker (2000)

I always praised Paul Dini for investing so much of his energy, creativity and time in DC Animated Universe, and for providing us, Batman & DC Comics experts/admirers, with some of the finest and original interpretations of a lot of iconic and memorable characters.

One of my favorite DCAU-related DTV’s happens to be Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker (2000), but… did you know that there is one MAJOR TWIST (something that has to do with a certain Boy Wonder) in particular, that actually happened IN THE COMICS BEFORE the movie WAS RELEASED?

Ladies & gents, I would like to show you a small compare/contrast video project that ties several pages from a forgotten Batman comic: Detective Comics #623 - ‘Death of Innocence’ (written by John Ostrander & drawn by Flint Henry & Mike McKone) with the film.

Issue 623 was first published in November 1990 — 10 YEARS prior to the unveiling of Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker to the world.

in superman adventures #19, there’s a villain named multi-face who can convincingly disguise himself as anyone, even tricking dna tests and x-ray vision. Superman initially can’t stop him

and the only reason he gets caught is because multiface decides to disguise himself as, of all people, CLARK KENT i’m screaming

  • Why I like Harley Quinn: She's a fun, bouncy character with a unique morality. She's a bisexual recovering from abuse who still balances a lot of comedy and poignancy, and has her own fun dynamic with established DC leads.
  • Why DC thinks I like Harley Quinn: Hey guys, the fans like sexy clowns in bikinis so put her in everything fuck it

“flash and substance” is a great episode of justice league unlimited for a lot of reasons that have been expounded upon in many gifsets but one of my favorite things is the unexpected moment of batdad when orion is mocking the idea of going to the opening of the flash museum and batman just gives him A Look, one which manages to convey with nothing but his blank white eyes that The Flash Is A Nice Young Man Doing His Best And He Deserves Our Support And Positive Reinforcement And Your Cynical Mockery Demeans Us All But I’m Not Mad Just Disappointed and he doesn’t even need to say anything for orion to know that he is going to that opening whether he likes it or not