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Do you find any similarities between SE and joey and pacey from Dawson’s Creek. To me I find so many and Dawson is more from Damon in my mind. Pacey and Joey just had this spark and love that reminds me of se whenever I watch their scenes. When I found out about Dawson’s Creek it was after TVD had begun and I was like how this is to me the best tv couple ever but then I saw pacey and Joey and their story, their relationship is a close second place. What r your thoughts/connections between the 2

I wrote a post on this a long time ago but I don’t know where it is but yes, the thing with the TVD fandom and the TVD writers is that they’re very superficial. PJ is lined up with DE because of the narrative, because it was Joey and Dawson first and Pacey and Joey were antagonistic but then Pacey and Joey grew closer after Dawson rejected her and he fell in love with her even though that’s against the bro code and then Joey fell in love with Pacey even though it would hurt Dawson and everyone’s lives are turned upside down by this new development.

They also align DE with PJ because Pacey pushed Joey to grow up while with Dawson, they were forever in his bedroom watching Spielberg movies, it was “eternally pure” and that’s what they think of SE. 

The thing is, though, while plot-wise DE and PJ show a lot of similarities and while Pacey’s insecurity and constant jealousy of DJ is very much like Damon and Stelena, when it comes to the actual dynamics and relationships, Dawson and Joey are actually a lot more like Damon and Elena. For instance, I forget which season it is but Joey is in art class and they had to draw a painting of the thing that means most to you or the thing that you’re most passionate about and Joey couldn’t think of anything but Dawson and she has a breakdown because she says for the longest time, Dawson has been her entire life and she needs to figure out who she is outside of him. I don’t know, guys, that sounds quite similar to when Elena erased her memories of Damon and then wrote a letter to herself saying she needs to find out who she is outside of the person who defined her. Then there’s the episode where they’re so caught up in the drama of their relationship that they forget Pacey’s birthday, it’s very much like Elena and Damon being so caught up in each other during the summer that they don’t look into the fact that Stefan has been missing. Even the back-and-forth should-we-shouldn’t-we of Dawson and Joey is very much like Damon and Elena 

and the way Dawson reacts to Joey is very DE:

as opposed to the way Pacey reacts to Joey, which is very SE:

The tenderness of PJ scenes is very SE:

like when the hell would Damon EVER do something like this: 

And even when Pacey talks about always loving Joey:

and the Jen/Pacey development and Joey’s reaction to that is also very SE:

Like there will be similarities between PJ and DE because DE is modelled after PJ but when it comes to the nuance and when it comes to what the ships are actually supposed to do for the people in them, PJ is very much SE. Like even the fact that Pacey pushes Joey to grow up, that doesn’t happen with DE, Elena gets more inane and vapid and childish with Damon and Pacey was able to help Elena do things that Dawson couldn’t, as much as people like to think that’s DE and SE, it’s SE and DE. 

Like the stick shift. Dawson trying and failing to teach Joey how to drive (which is a symbol of maturity)

while Pacey having the patience to teach her:

can be likened to Damon trying and failing to get Elena to accept her emotions:

and Stefan succeeding:

and while Dawson and Joey are forever in the bedroom watching Speilberg movies and don’t seem to get past that, Elena and Damon don’t get past the repetition of their “love” story, which is the show making them repeatedly fall in love with each other. Seasons 1-3 is Elena supposed to figure out Damon’s secret pain and secret “humanity” and fall for him so that she chooses him in season 4. Season 6 Elena erases her memories and gets to know Damon again to re-fall-in-love with him, season 8 Damon has to re-fall-in-love with Elena since Sybill is supposed to have screwed with his memories. Season 5 when they’re actually supposed to BE a couple, they hardly spend any time together and in season 7, Elena is in a coma. They’re in the same fishbowl as DJ except their fishbowl looks different. 

Anyway, that’s my two cents.


favorite ships pacey and joey (dawson’s creek)
“i want you to be with someone who can be a part of the life that you want for yourself. i want you to be with someone who makes you feel like i feel when i’m with you. so, i guess the point to this long run-on sentence that’s been the last ten years of our lives, is just that the simple act of being in love with you is enough for me.”