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Thinks that make me realise I’m old...

number #4726: When I talk about the similarities between Riverdale and Dawson’s Creek here on tumblr and no one knows what Dawson’s creek is.

Like… COME ON!

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What makes pacey and joey better than Dawson and joey, in your opinion?

They’re real, they’re accidental, they’re unselfish. They helped each other grow,
never held each other back. They communicated, they worked through hard times, they always went the extra mile for each other, and most of all they LAUGHED TOGETHER… a lot.

Dawson and Joey were stuck in this time loop continuum holding on to being 15 in his room and having their first kiss with each other. They wanted to preserve that innocence and because of that, they became this fallback for each other this co dependent back up plan, the “what was supposed to be” and refused to see what actually was. They couldn’t grow together, they forced themselves together time and time again, they constantly bailed on each other when it got romantic because deep down they knew it wasn’t right, and most of all they were soooo selfish with one another. Especially Dawson towards Joey. Like she was his object, his prize, she belonged to him.

Pacey was the total opposite. He let her live and grow and choose her life for herself and it didn’t matter if she chose something else besides him he was there for her anyway. He put her before himself and helped her become the person she was naturally meant to be, not this person on a pedastool that she could never live up too. And he let her have fun. He made her smile. He challenged her, constantly. He loved HER, the real Joey, the good and the bad, not a version of her that stopped existing at 15…or maybe never really existed at all.