gif: david schmitt

David Schmitt Appreciation Post <3

Name: David Schmitt 
Status: Musician 
Band: Breathe Carolina 
Rating: 10/10

Right so this is my first time doing one of these, the first of many hopefully, and I will be talking about the beautifulness of this specific band member. 

So let’s start with the music videos: 

(Album: It’s Classy, Not Classic, Track: Diamonds)

First music video, water and paint wars, it’s interesting.

(Album: Hello Fascination, Track: Hello Fascination
God he looks so adorable and fetus in this video, it’s so cute. Plus I’m 50% sure everyone was high during the making of this. 

(Album: Hello Fascination, Track: I.D.G.A.F.)

He looks so awkward when he has his middle fingers out but it’s adorable regardless, so are the shots of him in the rave glasses like God I can’t get over how cute he was as a fetus.  
(Album: Hell Is What You Make It, Track: Blackout)
I’m just going to point out whatever weird shit Kyle is doing in the corner. And the poor babes gets kicked in the nose in it haha. 
(Album: Hell Is What You Make It: Reloaded, Track: Hit and Run)

God those suspenders kill me, he just looks so flawless in this video that I need to post another gif of him in his little suit while he pretending to be a cop: 

(Couldn’t find a gif without the words sorry)

(Album: Savages, Track: Sellouts)

Four gifs in one because David isn’t being cute in this video, more of a ‘ha fuck you’ vibe coming from him. Also I don’t understand why he likes carrying flags. 
His Smile: 

I don’t think it’s possible to be sad when David smiles, I mean do you see this:


Look at this adorable idiot:

Plus at his show, at least when I went, he was doing the last song and he said: 'I want everyone in here to leave with a smile on their face’. And then he did an adorable cheesy smile and kept playing and just continued on being all sweet like, 'Come on let me see those smiles’. I just adore him. 
David and Kyle:

So if you did or didn’t know, the other official member of BC, Kyle Even, left the band :’(. But let’s take a look at some of the duo’s pictures: 

I honestly don’t know what to say about most of these… And just to be clear this section is not about their ship. 
With other celebrities:

I think we need to appreciate when David hangs out with other band members, it’s so awesome when music groups support each other. 

Amazing when our favorite bands come together. 

They’re more important than you think: 

Nice Iphone bro
Being a goofball:

Because he’s an cute little idiot, for example: 

 I don’t know this section was a fail. 
His little dances! 

This is like one of my favorite things about him, he is the cutest dancer ever: 


I couldn’t find a lot of gifs but he does a lot of cute dances. 
On stage: 

Just a section for cool pictures from some of the shows: 


I don’t understand it, but yeah, David and his flags: 

Yep, flags.

So that’s about it, I hope you can appreciate David a bit more now. So yesterday one track from Breathe Carolina’s new Album, Savages, was posted on the Fearless Records Youtube page so please check it out if you haven’t already. And if you have already heard it, listen again because it’s awesome. Also if you’re going to Vans Warped Tour 2014, Breathe Carolina is going to be playing so you better go watch them if you’re attending. So I’ll post the link underneath, bye whoever is actually reading this.