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Andy [Lincoln] and Norman [Reedus] are really close. I think the theory actually could be correct, but not within the story,” Gimple said. “Meaning, I don’t put it past those two gentlemen, who are now so unbelievably close, that maybe Andy and Norman were communicating with each other, like they were saying, “Oh, that was a good take. I really like what you did there. You’re really bringing it.”

Actors have been known to make their own decisions, based on what they believe their characters would do. Since Lincoln and Reedus have become close friends, just like their TV counterparts, it wouldn’t be crazy to think they came up with this idea on their own.                                                                
                                                                                                             ‘S. Gimple’

I HOPE this is even just a tiny bit like how you wanted it. I tried to do the together, apart thing like they have on POTC, and include a son, but I dunno, bit unsure about this. 🖤

You and your boyfriend had joined the group way back when the apocalypse had started and that’s when you’d met Daryl and his brother Merle. It had all started with stolen glances between you and Daryl, then little moments when no one was looking like a brush of the hand. You could have sworn you recognised him from somewhere, but maybe it was because when you two spoke, you felt like you’d known him forever. Your boyfriend started to notice you distancing yourself from him and wasn’t happy, so he ended up storming off from the group when you had found Herschel’s farm. He hadn’t been seen since, and Daryl was there for you.
Something blossomed between you two, and a relationship finally formed just before the farm got overrun by walkers. The prison was a sanctuary for you all and you managed to get into a daily routine. As you were clearing out walkers from another cell block, Daryl had popped the question. You’d just stabbed a walker in the head and thrown it over the railings onto the floor below when he turned to stare at you in awe.
“(Y/N), will ya marry me?” He asked, continuing to take out the dead along to balcony.
“Yes!” You’d gasped, letting go of yet another body over the railing. After a quick kiss, you’d gone back to clearing the place and then asked Herschel if he’d marry the two of you like he had with Maggie and Glenn. It was just you three when it happened, and only Rick knew afterwards. Then the prison had been attacked and Daryl was no where to be found. You’d got out with Rick and Carl, but you desperately pined after Daryl. You had no idea what had happened to him and all you wanted was to feel him next to you again.
“Hey, look at this,” Carl says, spotting a sign by the side of the train tracks you were walking along.
“What is it?” Rick asks, trying to see the words through the vines that had grown over it. Carl moves the leaves out of the way and reads aloud.
“Sanctuary for all. Community for all. Those who arrive survive. Terminus.”
“Do you think the others might have seen these?” You ask hopefully.
“Maybe. Do you want to check it out? We’re close, so we’ll go through the woods from this point onwards,” Rick instructs.
“Lets do it,” you agree, and all head into the trees for cover. Arriving there everyone seemed friendly; too friendly. Soon enough you were shoved into a train cart and locked in.
“(Y/N)?” You heard a familiar voice, although slightly hesitant. You turn around a Daryl steps into the slither of light coming through the crack in the door.
“Daryl,” you breathe, barely audible. You walk towards each other and can’t quite believe you’re together again. His hand automatically goes to your cheek and you close your eyes leaning into it. You place a hand on top of his and hold it to your face, feeling his calloused fingers against your skin once again.
After escaping terminus with the help of Carol you finally found yourselves together again. The road to Alexandria was a long one and it was the ultimate struggle for all of you. Daryl was constantly by your side, attentive as ever, protecting you from all he could. When Aaron found you and took you all to the town it was a fresh start, and you both had a house to yourselves. Your relationship only grew stronger, the lover deeper, and you both decided to try for a baby.
Now here you are, pregnant and without your husband by your side. Maggie lost Glenn when Negan came, and Sasha lost Abraham. You lost Daryl as he was taken as Negan’s prisoner. All you do now is walk around in circles through the streets of Alexandria, lost without him. You don’t know whether he’s alive or dead, and it kills you.
“Hey, (Y/N), are you okay?” Aaron asks as you pass him, wincing slightly in pain.
“I’m fine, just some twinges,” you reply.
“Are you sure? You look very pale,” he frowns. Suddenly you fall to the floor in pain, clutching onto your stomach.
“Okay, I’m not fine,” you groan, “this is really painful.”
“HELP!” Aaron shouts, and Rick comes running out of his house as soon as he hears him. Carl follows and they both rush to your side.
“(Y/N), what’s wrong?” Rick asks, holding onto you. You look at him with tears streaming down your face and shake your head, trying to breathe deeply.
“She was walking around, in pain I think, said she had twinges, then collapsed on the ground like this,” Aaron explains.
“Shit, (Y/N), I need to see what’s going on, is that okay?” Rick asks, looking right into your eyes. You nod in response and lean back. Luckily you were wearing just a maxi dress as it was the only thing that fit you right now. Rick looks up your dress and sees the baby’s head poking out.
“Fuck! I can see the head!” He yells. You instantly look up at him with terrified wide eyes.
“WHAT?” You scream. Aaron then takes his jacket off and puts it behind you to try and make you more comfortable on the ground. “I need Daryl,” you cry. More and more people come out of their houses to help and after hours on the pavement, a little baby boy appears. Rick hands him to you all wrapped up in a blanket and wipes his tears away once you’ve taken him.
“He’s beautiful,” Rick sniffs.
“He really is,” Carl agrees, leaning over to take a look at his little face, “Daryl’s going to love him so much.” You look at Carl and smile, then look back to your baby boy.
“Just you wait until you meet your daddy,” you whisper to him, “he’s going to spoil you rotten.”
“What are you going to name him?” Carl questions, holding his little foot that’s sticking out of the blanket.
“Daryl junior,” you laugh, “not very imaginative is it?”
“It’s perfect,” Rick smiles, knowing Daryl would be over the moon. The next few weeks went quickly and you started to lose hope in seeing Daryl ever again. Rick wanted to go to the hilltop to recruit them to fight with you all. You agreed and took Daryl junior with you to see Maggie. Once you got there she was all over the baby.
“Oh my goodness, look at him!” She cooed.
“It’ll be your turn before you know it,” you smiled.
“Don’t remind me! What’s his name?”
“Daryl junior.”
“It’s perfect,” she smiled, handing him back, “I think someone needs to meet their daddy.” She stepped out of the way and you saw Daryl standing behind her. His eyes filled with tears after hearing you tell Maggie the baby’s name and he ran towards you.
“He’s here,” he breathes, tears rolling down his face. He looks down and his tears fall onto the little face between you both. You lift him up and Daryl takes him from you, looking in awe at this tiny bundle in his arms.
“He’s missed his dad,” you say, voice cracking from crying. Daryl silently looks at you and smiles, then leans down and kisses you, your hands finding their way into his hair once again.


A Shocking Surprise (Daryl Dixon x reader)

•Summary: Rick’s group have been in Alexandria for a while. Daryl and (y/n) have been together since the prison. She’s close to the whole group. With Maggie being her best friend and Carl being like a little brother. (Y/N) finds out some news and she’s not sure how to tell Daryl. Pre-Negan era. Slight OOC-ness from Daryl. Slight OOC-ness from Carl. Fluffy fluff. (Sorry if it’s not very good. My first attempt at writing. Let me know what you think.😊p.s. I’m still learning how to do this on my phone. Here it goes.)

(Y/N) woke up to a weird feeling in her stomach. Daryl had let her sleep in. As she looked at the clock the feeling intensified. Just then she got up and ran to the bathroom. Emptying her stomach into the toilet as Maggie came in.
“You alright?” Maggie questioned as she wiped her mouth with a small towel and flushed the toilet. Shaking her head no she looked at Maggie worried.
“No, I think I’m pregnant..” she whispered walking back to her room with Maggie close behind.
“Have you taken a test? Do you need one?” Maggie rushed the questions as (y/n) sat down on the bed playing with her necklace absentmindedly
“No. I have a test I’m just afraid to take it.”
“GO TAKE IT! Jeez, (y/n). You can’t just wait and see if something pops out in a few months.” Maggie practically yelled.
“Shhhhh alright I’ll take it but keep quiet, alright!” She said getting the test from the bottom of her underwear drawer where Daryl was sure to never look. She went into the bathroom and took the test. After (y/n) was done she came back into her room where Maggie waited. Maggie, michonne and Carl were her 3 best friends, but Maggie over everyone else.
“Well?..” Maggie asked looking at her expectantly. (Y/n) shrugged shutting the door. “Dunno, gotta wait.” She mumbled placing the test on the bedside table and sitting down next to Maggie on the bed. A few minutes of silence passed and Maggie knew (y/n) wouldn’t be able to look so she grabbed the test and looked at it. (Y/n) stopped chewing on her thumb and looked up at Maggie. Silently asking what it said. Maggie nodded yes. (Y/n) snatched the test from Maggie and there it was. Plain as day. Two little lines. Positive.
“WHAT THE FUCK!! WHAT THE FUCK?! WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCKING FUCK?!” (Y/n) screamed causing some of the others to run to her location. As Rick, michonne, Carl holding Judith, Rosita, Abraham, Tara, Sasha, and Eugene came running in (y/n) sunk to the floor beside her bed, staring at the little stick in shock. The door flew open.
“What happened? What’s wrong?” Rick asked worriedly, looking back and forth between a smiling Maggie and a shocked (y/n) on the floor.
“(Y/n) is pregnant!” Maggie shouted at the small group and they all looked at her on the floor with questioning looks. All she could manage to do was nod her head yes. They all looked around at each other excited and scared. Michonne and Maggie hugged and started talking about Judith and Maggie’s baby having someone to play with.
“Well, then. Dixon poured the bisquick and made him some pancakes!” Abraham joked
“What do pancakes have to do with anything?” Eugene questioned seriously. And Abraham and Tara just shook their heads laughing as Rosita rolled her eyes.
“(Y/n), are you alright?” Carl asked.
“Where’s Daryl?” She questioned not sure how to feel.
“Honey, him and Glenn went on a run this morning. They’ll be back tomorrow.” Maggie explained and (y/n) just nodded understanding. Then she looked at everyone.
“How am I gonna tell Daryl?” And everyone’s eyes became terrified at her question. Not knowing how the archer was going to respond and they all left quickly. All except Maggie, who would never leave her side.
“Maggie, how am I gonna tell him? I’m not even sure if he wants kids. We’ve been together a while, but what if this makes him leave me? What if he gets mad? What if he just walks away? How am I gonna face him?” She rambled it all out quickly.
“Sweetie, sweetie, calm down. It’ll be ok. I’ll be here the whole time. Want me to help you plan a way to tell him?” She asked as she sat down next to her.
“No. I think I’ll just make him dinner and I’ll do it that way!” (Y/n) said getting up and putting the test in the drawer in her bedside table.
“Sounds nice.” Maggie stated getting up and hugging her. “And just think in a few months there will be someone else for us all to go crazy over!” And she lovingly put her hand on your stomach and smiling sweetly. With that she left the room leaving you alone to think.

•day 1•
Daryl and Glenn returned late in the afternoon the next day. (Y/n) wore a pair of skinny jeans with some sneakers and a tank top with a comfortable cardigan on top. The pocket of the cardigan carried the small object that would determine her fate. She was in the house she shared with Maggie, Glenn, Rick, michonne, Carl, Judith, and Daryl. Cooking dinner in the kitchen as Maggie helped by setting the table. She told everyone the plan and they all agreed to stay in their rooms so (y/n) and Daryl could have this evening. And so she could tell Daryl he is going to be a father. (Y/n) was snapped from her thoughts when Glenn walked in the door and Maggie rushed to him and whispered in his ear what was going on. He had a surprised look on his face and he looked from Maggie to (y/n). She nodded and then Maggie dragged him up the stairs as Daryl walked in.
“Like damn bunny-rabbits.” He mumbled sitting his crossbow down and taking off his boots before walking into the kitchen and dining room.
“Hey, there sunshine!” He exclaimed happily walking over to her and embracing her from behind. She melted into his touch for a moment loving the way he held her. Then she remembered the reason for the supper.
“What’s all this?” He whispered in her ear. She blushed and smiled at his sweetness.
“I made us supper. Now go on wash your hands I’ll make our plates.” She instructed him as she filled their plates with spaghetti and their glasses with water. As she finished he sat down and pulled her into a sweet kiss.
“Thanks, baby. I’m starving!” He said digging into his food. She sat down across from him and watched in love and admiration for the man across from her. After a few silent moments of them quietly eating. Actually him shoveling it into his mouth and her picking at it, more worried about the task yet to come. He noticed her odd behavior and that she wasn’t eating, which wasn’t like her at all.
“Baby doll, you alright? You’re not eatin’ your supper.” He questioned in a worried tone. She snapped her head up from absentmindedly staring at her plate to him. She could see the worrying question in his eyes. And she sighed quietly as she reached into her pocket wrapping her hand around the small plastic stick hidden inside.
“Actually, Daryl, I have something really important to tell you-” she was cut off by Carl running in and screaming.
“NOOOO~ DON’T TELL HIM!” He stopped in the door way and stared at them.
“Damnit Carl!” (Y/n) yelled as she got up frustrated and pissed throwing her plate and cup in the sink and stomping up stairs to her room, slamming the door. Daryl watching her and then looking at Carl as he sat in his chair, completely lost as to what was going on. Just then everyone else came out looking at each other.
“Did she tell him?” Maggie asked Rick.
“No, she didn’t get to thanks to loud mouth here!” Michonne said gesturing to Carl. Maggie smacked him in the back of the head.
“Ooow!” Carl shouted rubbing his hair
“Way ta go genius! Now how is she gonna tell him!” Maggie asked in a pissed off tone.
“Tell me what?” Daryl asked the group and they all snapped their heads in his direction. Terror on their faces. They all quickly went to their rooms, as for Abraham, Rosita, Sasha, Tara, and Eugene, they went back to their house next door. Upstairs (y/n) changed into her pajamas, put the test back in her bedside table drawer, turned the light off, climbed under the covers and fell asleep. After Daryl had finished his supper and cleaned everything up he quietly walked into their room. Disappointed as he found his girlfriend asleep. He quickly and quietly took a shower and changed into some sweat pants. Silently getting under the covers wrapping himself around (y/n) he kissed her cheek and whispered goodnight. He laid his head down as she snuggled closer to him and cuddled into his chest. What were they talking about? He thought as he fell asleep.

•day 2•
Everything was back to normal. Waking up next to Daryl and doing work like always. (Y/n) was still pretty pissed off at Carl for interrupting last night as was Maggie. The day went through normally. As (y/n) was putting things away in the kitchen of her house and cleaning Maggie and Glenn walked in, just getting off of guard duty.
“Hey, (y/n).” Glenn cheered hugging her for the first time since he got home. She hugged him back, then turned and hugged Maggie.
“How are you feeling?” Maggie concerned as (y/n) returned to her task.
“Good. Just get a little sick once in a while. But that’s it.” She responded.
“Have you figured out how you’re gonna tell him?” Glenn stressed in a whisper. (Y/n) looked out to the porch where the man in question was sitting smoking a cigarette and shook her head no as she sighed. Daryl had the day off to rest up.
“Don’t worry sweetie. You’ll think of something!” Maggie said reassuringly as her and Glenn walked up to their room. (Y/n) just stared at the man on the front porch and placed her hand on her stomach.
“Don’t worry, peanut. We’ll tell him soon!” She whispered to herself and her unborn child. The rest of the day was normal. With everyone meeting for supper as usual. Under the table Daryl tried to run his hand up her thigh, in an attempt to turn her on. She tensed up and pushed his hand away. When she glanced up at him he had a disappointed look on his face. After supper they went to bed. They laid there together. She had her head on his chest. He grabbed her jaw and pulled her into a sweet kiss that quickly turned heated. He pulled her into his lap and sat up. Placing large rough hands on her back pulling her into him. Her hands tangled in his long hair as the kiss intensified. After a few minutes she broke the kiss placing her hands on his shoulders and slightly pushed him away.
“What’s wrong, baby?” He questioned breathing heavily very turned on and being able to feel she was too.
“Not tonight, Daryl. I don’t feel good.” She said apologetically as she climbed off of him and laid back down.
“Ok, baby. It’s alright.” He mumbled sweetly pulling her into him and falling asleep. She cuddled into his chest feeling bad denying him something they both wanted. But she just couldn’t get her mind off of the life growing inside of her.

•day 3•
The next day went normally. Doing chores. Daryl being grumpy as a case of not getting any the night before. He felt like (y/n) was pushing him away and he didn’t know why. He was on watch and she was with Glenn, Rick, michonne, Abraham, and Eugene. They were all teasing her about not telling Daryl yet. And to be honest she was starting to get mad about it, luckily michonne noticed.
“Alright, stop, (y/n) is getting tired of your jokes. She’ll tell him when the right time comes along.” She tried to calm the men down standing up for the pregnant girl.
“Ya know what. Why don’t I just tell him myself!” Glenn laughed and that was it. The last straw!
“I swear on my own grave, Glenn Rhee, if you so much as breathe a word of this to him, I will make sure that the child Maggie is carrying will be your first, last, and only child; by cutting off your dick and your damn balls!” She yelled at him as the room got quiet. She huffed and stomped back to their house.
“Damn. And I thought Maggie was the one we didn’t wanna get mad.” Glenn said.
“Well, now we got two of them and you can thank Daryl for that later. After she tells him.” Rick chuckled as they got back to work. The rest of the day was normal and (y/n) went to bed before Daryl again. Truth be told, Daryl was getting tired of everyone tiptoeing around him and not getting any action.

•day 4•
Rick decided to give both Daryl and (y/n) the day off. Figuring she’d tell Daryl about the situation considering the free time. Daryl made use of the day anyway. Tinkering with his crossbow on the front porch like always. (Y/n) smiled as watching him from the kitchen as she made lunch for them. In the middle of making lunch Abraham walked into the house waving to Daryl on the porch as he did.
“Well, does the proud papa know yet?” He asked walking over to her.
“No, Abraham. I haven’t told him yet.” She flatly stated finishing up one half of a sandwich, starting on the other half.
“Well, I’ll tell him!” He joked loudly.
“That promise I made Glenn yesterday applies to you, too!” She said pressing the two halves together. He held his arms up in surrender as he backed out of the house and out the door. Once it was shut he noticed Daryl leaning on the railing smoking and went over and stood beside him. (Y/n) watched the pair as she grabbed two bottles of water from the fridge.
“Daryl, let me ask ya something.” Abe started and Daryl grunted in response waiting for the question.
“When you’re pouring the bisquick, are you trying to make pancakes?” And Daryl looked at him completely confused as (y/n) opened the door with the sandwiches and water.
“What the hell you talking’ about?” Daryl asked.
“ABRAHAM! What did I tell you!” She boomed at him as she made her way to where they were. He backed off and ran down the street laughing. She sighed frustrated handing Daryl his sandwich.
“Thanks babe. What was that all about?” He asked motioning in the direction Abraham disappeared to and taking a huge bite out of the food.
“Nothing. Just Abraham being…Abraham.” She rolled her eyes and started eating her food. The rest of the day was with them sitting on the porch together telling each other stories and jokes. After supper they went up stairs and laid down in bed. Cuddling each other as Daryl fell asleep. (Y/n) tossed and turned she couldn’t sleep at all. She quietly got up, trying not to disturb the sleeping beast beside her, and retrieved the test. Sitting on the floor beside the bed she stared at it still not sure how to tell Daryl. After what felt like a century of arguing with herself she gave up.
“Fuck it!” She said loudly and frustrated not meaning to. Then she threw the test in the air not caring where it landed. She got up and walked out of the bedroom slamming the door a bit louder than she meant to. Little did she know the test landed on the bed right next to her sleeping boyfriend who she woke up when she slammed the door. She stomped down stairs and into the living room. As she plopped herself down on the couch the grunted loudly and angrily to herself, as she picked up a pillow from the couch placing it in her lap and slamming her face into it. A few moments later she heard a loud and confused Daryl yell.
“WHAT!” Then a loud bang as he ran right into their closed door. “(Y/N)!!” He called for her loudly as he slammed the door open. Not looking where he was going and focused on the stick in his hands he tripped over his own feet and fell loudly down the steps cursing the whole way. She jumped up when he called her. And watched and he rolled down the stairs and didn’t stop till he rolled right into the front door. With his back against the floor and his legs propped against the glass of the door he was upside down still staring at the test. All the noise woke everyone up and they all came running out into the area.
“Well, I guess he knows.” Glenn stated out loud and (y/n) shot him a glare as Daryl looked up at him.
“Is this yours?!” Daryl’s voice roared as he asked the question looking at his girlfriend. (Y/n) nodded shyly as she worried about his reaction. Daryl rolled over so he was sitting on the floor instead of being up side down.
“And all of you knew?” He questioned the group in front of him. They all nodded yes afraid of the man.
“This is real?” He asked standing up and turning to (y/n).
“Yes. It’s real.” She whispered.
“You’re really pregnant? And-and it’s ma baby?” He rambled pacing the small area.
“Yes, Daryl. It’s your child.” She whispered to him again. He paced as they all stared at him waiting for a reaction other than shock.
“You…you….you’re telling me tha’ yer pregnant and…and I’m….I’m the daddy?” He questioned.
“Yes, Daryl.” He stopped pacing and looked up to everyone. (Y/n) had joined the group standing in front of him. He had a slight smirk pulling at his lips as he strides over and pulls her into a loving embrace picking her up and spinning her around.
“I’m gonna be a daddy!” He exclaimed putting her down and running over to the front door throwing it open. He ran outside with everyone following him to the front porch. And he ran down the streets of Alexandria screaming as loud as he could; “IM GONNA BE A DADDY!!”
Just then the four from the house next door came outside onto their front porch as they heard him yell the happy news.
“Well, I think she told him.” Rosita said sarcastically as they all chuckled.
“Ya think?” Tara joked as they watched the man run around.
“Looks like Daryl poured the bisquick and now he and (y/n) are gonna have a pancake!” Abraham stated jokingly and they all chuckled again.
“I still don’t understand what pancakes have to do with (y/n) being pregnant with Daryl’s child.” Eugene innocently remarks at Abraham’s joke. And Tara claps Eugene on the shoulder and says, “I’ll explain it to you later.” With that they all went back inside and went back to bed all except (y/n). Who watched the man she loves run around telling the world the news that him and her were going to have a baby.


Daily Reedus #5

I love how much he adores his cat, Eye in the Dark, and how he came into his life: 

“It’s just this fat, black alley cat. My son wanted a black kitten when he was a kid, and I found it in the East Village in some rescue shelter, but it was born in a box and the guy that was getting rid of it was like, ‘You don’t want this cat. This cat’s never gonna love anyone.’ And the first time I saw it, it was like just hissing and scratching everything it saw and now it’s like this big, fat, chill cat.”

It didn’t matter to him that this cat fought back and wasn’t kind to anyone at first. He brought him home anyway, and because of him, Eye has got a loving home where he can now be a lazy, chill cat like always. 

I also think it’s adorable that he let his son name the cat. Doesn’t matter if his name was a phrase, if Mingus wanted to name it that, then so be it.