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s8 Daryl/Rick = s1/2 Rick/Shane???

Pfffft at comparing the relationship between Rick and Daryl in s8 to that between Rick and Shane in s1/2.

How is there any similarity here?

Between Rick getting shot by the thug he and Shane were chasing, and their escape from Atlanta, Shane deliberately lied to Lori, telling her that her husband had died at the hospital so she would seek - and find - solace and protection with him, the trusted family friend, Rick’s best friend since high school, who would never lie to her and has her family’s best interest at heart and takes on the duties that would have been his best friend’s after his friend’s demise (or so she is led to believe).

He did fun and cool dad things with Carl even after Lori had told him not to once Rick had “returned from the dead” in an attempt to win Carl over to his side. He was actively trying to put a wedge between Carl and his parents and bring him in closer to himself.

He openly and aggressively challenged Rick’s leadership position nearly full time by the time they arrived at the farm, only letting up while Carl’s life was still in danger. Whenever he did accept Rick’s decisions after first fighting them, he always made it clear that he was still angry and not really in agreement with or supportive of them.

He openly tried to kill Rick while they were out to ditch Randall.

He went behind Rick’s back on the Randall issue by killing the boy in secret while making it look as if Randall had managed to gain the upper hand in a fight between them because he opposed Rick’s decision to let him live after the aborted execution in the barn and was not willing to accept it. (And Daryl called him out on it, pointing out that Randall was no match for Shane in a fight.)

And of course he again openly tried to kill Rick during their final fight right before the farm was overrun by the walker herd.

His goal was eliminating Rick so he could make Rick’s wife and son his own, and in addition to Rick himself (as his rival), Shane was willing and prepared to sacrifice anyone and anything to keep Lori and Carl safe. He never considered the safety and well-being of anyone else a priority.

Daryl, on the other hand, has always, except on three occasions (Carol exile, Grady, street brawl over Savior killing), come around to Rick’s way of doing things, even when Rick’s decisions affected him negatively (e. g. talk to Merle briefly before leaving Woodbury again with Team Prison) and has always considered the safety of the group a top priority, even over his own. He has offered to sacrifice himself for others several times, including Rick and his family. Whenever he did disagree with him and Rick convinced or persuaded him to go along with his decisions, Daryl was always behind him one hundred per cent, and although Daryl is a Confirmed Hothead, he never expressed any anger over going along with a decision he had opposed initially but always fully supported Rick once he’d won him over.

It was more than obvious that Daryl didn’t agree with Rick on the issue of Carol getting exiled, but he didn’t physically attack him over it, the way Shane attacked Rick with intent to kill over Randall. Instead, Daryl was the one to suggest that they discuss this with Tyreese, whom Carol’s actions had affected the most, and get him to agree to bringing Carol back to the prison.

At Grady, Daryl supported Tyreese’s suggestion for getting their people out with minimal bloodshed and loss of life. Again, he didn’t attack Rick, and didn’t express any anger with his plan - he was just in favor of another option, and this was a civilized discussion.

The brawl over how to approach the attack on the Saviors was initiated by Rick who yanked around and punched his friend (”brother”) who had always supported him although some of his decisions turned out to be bad in hindsight or ended up hurting Daryl, and who had been shot, starved, beaten, kicked, and tortured two weeks previously and had just walked away from a high speed bike crash - after Daryl had verbally expressed his disagreement and turned away to act on his own plan for the very first time ever without soliciting Rick’s agreement and support.

How does this compare in any way to Shane attempting to kill Rick several times in an effort to eliminate him as a romantic rival so he could bang Lori and be the new, fun dad to Carl, possibly in addition to becoming the group’s new leader (if he was even interested in that, since the group’s safety was of no concern to him)?

Just couldn’t resist doing a Thanksgiving photoshoot with my Beth Greene and Daryl Dixon action figures today while on a break during feast prep. 😍
Daryl had a successful hunt for a wild turkey! 🦃
(It was actually procured from my daughter’s Barbie house kitchen. LOL! But the Barbies don’t mind. 😜)
And he also helped Beth cook it along with the rest of the yummy spread because that’s the type of man Daryl is. ❤️
🍂🍁Happy Bethyl Thanksgiving 2017!🍁🍂