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Aron reveals he’s no longer with Impact Wrestling. While he doesn’t close the door on any possibility of a return, it sounds like this may be the end as far as his in-ring career goes(for now).

There’s a lot I could say, but the only words that really matter in the end are these: Thank you. Wherever you decide to go from here, Aron, I hope your life brings you as much happiness and inspiration as you’ve brought me for so many years. We’ll miss you…but I have a feeling we won’t have to miss you for long. Good luck, and Godspeed.


Oh man, I just love those moments when the curtain slips enough that we get a peek at all the work it takes to make this go down.

So the ref has an earpiece that feeds him directions from backstage; he’s basically the director’s proxy in the ring.  As this scene unfolds, someone backstage decides Miz needs to turn his aggression outward on the crowd.  They whisper that in the ref’s ear.  The ref finally manages to get Miz’s attention (the crowd is being really noisy, so he has to speak louder than he usually would, and the mic picks it up) and tells him to change approach.

Without missing a beat, Miz instantly jumps up and starts addressing the audience.  Improv live drama, performed with extra explosions and acrobatics.