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Words Written on Your Wrist | Soulmates! Spencer Reid x Reader | Part 1

Fandom: Criminal Minds

Pairing: Spencer Reid x Reader

Requested: Nope, I just figured I’d jump on the soulmate band wagon

Requests: OPEN

Part 1/?

Summary: Everyone’s wrist has three words on it, the first three words you’ll hear your soulmate say. You think the idea of soulmates is just a bunch of junk, but you’re in for a rude awakening when you meet your soulmate at your new job at the BAU. Because you worry you will lose your new dream job, you keep the fact that he’s your soulmate hidden, pretending as if those three words didn’t exist.

Words: 2639

Warnings: Swearing?

A/N: I was about 5000 words into this and then decided it was going nowhere, scrapped like 2,000 words, then worked with that to make it a series. This has a really slow start I am so sorry. I don’t know if this is very good or if anyone will be interested in me continuing this so I would greatly appreciate feedback! My requests are open so I’d also love it if you would send me in requests! I have reblogged two prompt lists so if you search ‘prompts’ and you’ll find them, just tell me which list it is and then the numbers! Thank you for reading!

I also realize it is late June, not Christmas time, but Christmas facts were the only ones I could come up with so a little bit of grace would be appreciated haha

You hated soulmates. You hated the idea. You weren’t someone’s other half. You were your own self and that’s all you wanted to be. You even went as far as to try to tattoo over the mark on right wrist, but the ink always faded away within hours, so instead you always took to wearing a bracelet over it. Out of sight, out of mind.  The soulmate phenomenon, as it became known as, was one that caused every person to have the first three words they hear their soulmate say, in their handwriting, on their right wrist. As you stared down at yours in the shower, you wished could scrub it away with your loofa.

‘Did you know,’ scrawled in perfectly horrible handwriting across the thin flesh of your inner wrist. ‘Great,’ you thought to yourself, ‘not only does my soulmate have terrible script, they sound like a know-it-all.’ And man, did you hate know-it-alls.

             You got out of the shower and pulled on a robe before flipping through your closet to pick out an outfit for your big day. Your first day at the BAU. You had worked your entire life for this, and you couldn’t be more ecstatic. The best minds in the FBI, you thought to yourself with a smile, and you’re one of them. After picking out a long sleeve blouse and nice pants you sat down to clear your head over your absolute favorite beverage, coffee. Reading through the newspaper you idly wondered what kind of people you were going to be working with. You of course knew Hotch and Rossi, since they were the ones to interview you for the position, and they had mentioned the names of the rest, but you didn’t know their faces well.

Downing the rest of your coffee quickly you glanced at the time and decided then would be a good time to head in, early was on time, on time was late, and late was inexcusable, in your mind. You grabbed your keys and bracelet, putting the band around your wrist to hide the words, even though you were wearing long sleeves. The drive to Quantico was easy, there was a light dusting of snow on the ground and you doubted there would be much more considering the Virginia climate, but you didn’t mind. You checked to make sure your go back was in the back seat just in case before going up to the bullpen. Upon entering the BAU area, box under your arm, you were met with an assault on your senses. Everyone was hustling and bustling, and you were amused to see two people, who you assumed to be on the team you were joining, in a loud conversation. Well, conversation wasn’t the word, it was more of a soliloquy by a tall and long haired bean pole while a man who could be a Greek god was looking very annoyed. You couldn’t very much hear the conversation as you entered the large room but as you walked closer on your way to Hotch’s office you were able to make out the words.

“Did you know that if you were to add up the costs of all of the items listed in The 12 Days of Christmas it would be around $1.3 million? And that December 25 was actually….” And that all you heard, because you could feel your heart stop in that moment. It had to be a mistake, there are plenty of know-it-alls in the world, it doesn’t have to be him. Just calm down, you tell yourself, continuing to the office in front of you as if nothing had happened. Your plan was to just ignore it and hope for the best. You’ll be damned if you were going to let something you didn’t even want to ruin your dream job.

You greeted Hotch, setting your box down in a chair and shaking his hand. “I’ll introduce you to the team and show you to your desk. We don’t have a case today, it’s just paperwork, so we have a bit of time.” He said with a small smile, and somehow you figured that that was the most you were ever going to see of a smile. Walking down to the bullpen together you took in the entire team, two beautiful blonde women, one of which was dressed very eccentrically and you knew you were going to like her, a dark-haired woman who looked like a badass snow-white, Rossi, who you had already met, Mr. Greek God, and your soulma-, you mean the long-haired bean pole. “Everyone, I’d like you to meet SSA Y/F/N Y/L/N, she will be joining our team.” You smiled and waved and everyone, setting your box of things down on your desk before Hotch continued, “Y/L/N, this is JJ, Penelope Garcia, Emily Prentiss, Derek Morgan, and Spencer Reid, and you of course have already met me and Rossi,” Hotch said, introducing everyone.

You opened your mouth to greet them but before you could say anything the eccentrically dressed blonde woman came rushing up to you, a huge grin adorning her face, “Oh my gosh it’s so good to meet you, is there anything I can do for you, can I help you get settled in? Would you like some coffee? Do you like coffee?” She asked quickly, motioning a lot with her hands.

You laughed, your suspicion now confirmed, you were going to get along great with her. “I love coffee, actually, and I wouldn’t want to trouble you, it won’t take long for me to get settled in and start working.” You kept your eyes on her and only on her, even though out of the corner of your eye you saw two heads snap to look at you. One of which was that of who you now know to be your soulmate and the other was the other blonde woman, who you assumed knew what three words resided on the man’s wrist. You cursed internally, how could your favorite beverage betray you like this?

“Are you sure?” Garcia asked again, her puppy dog eyes looking at you.

 “Garcia,” Hotch’s voice cut into the conversation, stern but amused, “Why don’t you show Y/L/N around since you’re so eager to help.”

“I can do that! Come on Y/N!” She grabbed linked arms with you, leading you around to show you the office to show you were the break room and the coffee pot were as well as what resided on each floor of the building in case you needed anything from other departments. Her optimistic and bubbly attitude lifted your spirits almost to the point of forgetting about the fact that the bane of your existence resided just feet away from your desk.

             “So what did you do before joining the BAU?” Asked Morgan when you and Garcia returned to the bullpen.

             “I was a Forensic Psychology Professor,” you explain as you sit down and start getting situated at your desk, “I taught at Brown University.”

             “A professor at your age? That’s impressive.” Prentiss nodded, eyebrows raised.

             “I peeked early,” You joked with a laugh, a bit unnerved that the two people who were staring at you earlier were avoiding conversation. You felt a bit bad not letting the man know that you knew he was your soulmate, but you did want it to jeopardize your job. You just got here, the last thing you need is people either thinking you got the job because you were some one on the team’s soulmate or that you couldn’t think objectively working so close beside him.

             Spencer starred at you, his mind going a mile a minute. Has she already heard him say something and didn’t recognize it? Had she already heard him say something and it wasn’t what was on his wrist and he was a glitch? If she hadn’t heard him say anything yet, what should he say? He thought over anything and everything he could say to, wanting the first three words out if his mouth to be eloquent and as lovely as she was.

             “What made you want to join the BAU?” JJ, the woman you knew you were Reid’s soulmate, asked.

             “I wanted to make a difference, save lives.” You shrugged, feeling like you were getting interrogated, “My uh… My childhood best friend was a victim of a serial killer and I want to catch the type of people that did that to her.” The room fell silent after your confession, though most everyone nodded out of acknowledgement and respect. You turned back to your desk to continue setting out photographs and putting away things but a voice caught your attention, the same one that was rambling off facts when you walked in.

             “I’m sorry for your loss.” He said quietly, making eye-contact with you. You knew as a profiler he was looking for micro expressions, anything to let him know that the first three words of that sentence were on your wrist. But they weren’t, so you weren’t technically concealing anything when you simply smiled warmly and thanked him before returning to your desk. You also weren’t lying when Garcia asked you if you found your soulmate yet at lunch.

             Most of the team was all sitting at the tables in the break room, idly chatting and getting to know one another when Penelope grinned, leaning in as if she was an elementary schooler asking who you had a crush on.

             “So, have you found your soulmate yet?” She asked as she wagged her eyebrows.

             “I’m still single,” You say easily, smiling as you took another bite of your soup you brought from home.

             “Now that isn’t an answer.” Emily grinned, pointing her fork at you. Damn it, you should have known trying to pass a question off with a non-answer with a group full of profilers wouldn’t work.

             “Well, I don’t know, you know?” You try to lie, trying to dig yourself out of a hole, “I know what’s on my wrist, I don’t know what’s on other people’s. Like what if I’m not my soulmate’s soulmate? I don’t want to get ahead of myself if I don’t know what’s on his or her wrist.” Well, that wasn’t a lie, you reason with yourself. “Plus, mine is a pretty common statement, so it could be anyone, I’ve had a few false alarms in the past when I’ve overheard conversations, so I also don’t want to get ahead of myself that way.”

             “What does your wrist say?” Jenifer asked suddenly.

             She doesn’t beat around the bush.

             “I’d prefer to keep that to myself. Not even my best friend knows what’s on my wrist.” Laughing uneasily, you push your spoon around in your bowl.

             “That makes sense, it’s a really personal thing.” Garcia nods in agreement and you swore you could kiss her for how easily she dropped the subject.

             “Mines what my Savannah first said to me,” Morgan grinned proudly as he held out his wrist, “She’s a doctor at the hospital nearby.”

             “What about you JJ? I see a wedding band.” You smile, nodding to her left hand, glad to have the attention off you.

             “’You must be’” She repeated holding up her wrist, “It turns out that it’s in person. I actually spoke to Will on the phone before in person, but what’s on our wrists is what we said to each other when we first talked in person. It’s funny, because I introduced myself with my name, so he knew the second he called me that he would be speaking to his soulmate and I had no idea.” She laughed, reminiscing.

             “I wish we all had it that easy,” Emily scoffed as she pulled back the sleeve on her shirt. “Mines ‘You look beautiful.’ Do you know how many times I’ve heard that at a bar?”

             “Exactly! Its similar with mine!” You exclaim with a smile, glad someone else could back you up on the small fib you told. But as the room fell back into silence you noted that the only other people who had yet to say what was on their wrist were Penelope and Spencer, and by the way Penelope was quickly chewing her food so she could talk you guessed she was going next.

             “I haven’t found my soulmate either!” She said quickly after finished chewing, “Nor has our resident Brainiac, but he’s like you, he won’t tell us what his tattoo says either.”

             You knew you had to say something, if you didn’t say something you knew it would cause suspicion, so you turned to him, raising an eyebrow, “What’s your reasoning for not telling anyone, Mr. Resident Brainiac?” You ask easily, watching as JJ gave him a sympathetic look out of the corner of your eye, knowing that both of them were probably thinking he was a glitch at the moment.

             “M-“ He starts but clears his throat nervously, “Mostly the same reasons as you.”

             “Great minds think alike,” you laugh as you begin to close your Tupperware, “But fools seldom differ,”

“But fools seldom differ.” Wait what. You frown. Was your hearing going or did you two just state the second half of that saying at the same time? Quickly recovering, the frown is replaced by another smile as you watch a pink tint rise to Reid’s cheeks. You had to admit, this man was very attractive.

Everyone laughed and Morgan clapped you on your shoulder, the others packing up their stuff as well. When you got back to the bullpen Hotch and Rossi were there, huddled around a file.

“Do we have a case?” Prentiss asks as the team gets closer.

“it seems so, it looks to be a rough one so we will brief on the plane.” Hotch said as he closed the file, then turning his attention to you, “Y/L/N, I trust you have a go bag packed?”

“Yes, I do, sir.” You quickly say, nervous for your first case, especially since Hotch was describing it as a rough one.

“Wheels up in 20.”

              As you sat down on the plane the team quickly began discussing the case, the unsub was kidnapping women, holding them for at least a week, stabbing them, and then displaying their bodies in public places.

             Spencer read a bit of file out loud, sometimes going on fact tangents relating to something on the page, and you had to admit, it was darn adorable. You’d glance over at him every chance you could without arising suspicion, and you began taking him in in his entirety. You did always have a thing for long haired guys, his cheek bones and jaw line were to die for, and his hands, oh his hands, you decided you loved watching him turn pages in the file. You internally scolded yourself, of course you’d find him attractive, he was your soulmate after all, a match made in heaven. But that gnawing thought in the back of your head that you could lose everything you had worked towards thus far because of some butterflies in your stomach and ink on your wrist dragged you down like an anchor from the cloud you seemed to be floating on.

             “There’s no signs of torture besides the stabbing,” You comment with a frown, “Which wouldn’t indicate a sadist, but the stabbing implies a sexual component. He could be impotent.”

             “I agree,” Reid says a bit too quickly, looking up at you.

             “The displaying and posing of the bodies could be a taunt,” JJ offered, drawing attention away from Spencer.

             “When we land I want Prentiss and Morgan to go to the first and second crime scene, Rossi and Y/L/N to the third, JJ and I can go to the Fourth. Reid why don’t you start on the geographical profile.” Hotch designated as the jet landed.

To be Continued.

Out Of My League (Spencer Reid x Reader)

A/N: hey guys! I really liked this one and I will gladly write a part two if someone requests it!
Warnings: super fluffy
Pairing: Spencer Reid x Reader
Prompt: the reader seems intimidating at first but once Spencer sees her soft side, he realizes that he’s falling for her.
Request: ✅
Upcoming Imagine: reid x vet tech
You walked confidently into the BAU, heels clicking against tile, makeup perfectly done.
It was the start of your second week working for the FBI and you think your safe to say that you have at least made it to aquatints with all of your team members.
Everyone liked you; your kind, beautiful, and a huge help to the team.
Although everyone does like you, Spencer has always been off around you.
You weren’t sure what his vibe was against you.
Was he attracted to you?
Did he not like you?
You asked yourselves different questions everyday, profiling him like you do criminals, but you couldn’t put a finger on his attitude.
But then, one day on the jet, you saw it.
Rossi would say something, it was correct, but not completely accurate, so Spencer would correct him.
He would correct everyone… accept you.
You would even purposely say a false accusation and watch as he fidgeted in his seat.
You had brought him coffee the next morning, still observing him carefully.
He was very thankful for the gesture, so he didn’t hate you.
But he never made eye contact.
Did you make him uncomfortable?
It was all a big mystery to you, knowing what effect you had on Spencer Reid.
But one day, you and Spencer were both put on stake to watch for any suspicious behavior in anyone leaving a bar.
He remained distant, but not rude.
You both sat in the SUV watching the back door to the bar and it soon grew dark.
You shuddered at the black surrounding you as you sat in the poorly lit alleyway.
You curled yourself into a little ball on the seat, the embarrassing fear of the dark getting the best of you.
Spencer noticed your change in position and turned towards you.
“Are you okay?” He asked as his eyes traced your face.
“Yeah, yeah I’m fine.” You said with a small smile.
A little little tap sounded throughout the car, making you jump immensely from your seat.
Spencer quickly turned his head and you grabbed onto his arm.
“What was that?” You asked rapidly searching outside.
“We uh are right under an oak tree. It’s probably dropping acorns.” He said freezing as you held onto his arm, but slightly smiling at your innocence.
“Can I ask you a question?” He asked.
Now that you were in such a vulnerable state, it made talking to you easier for him.
You nodded still holding onto his arm.
“I-I guess it’s more of a personal question and you don’t have to answer it if you don’t want to…”
“What Reid.” You said smiling to yourself at his cute rambling.
“Are you… are you afraid of the dark?” He asked looking into your eyes for the first time.
You just now are noticing how beautiful his caramel eyes are, even though it was dark.
You nodded softly and Spencer reached up before pushing the top light in and turning it on.
You immediately felt embarrassed as you let go of his arm and heat rose to your cheeks.
“Don’t be embarrassed… I am too.” He said with a small chuckle.
“Well I guess we have something in common.” You said as you drew your eyes away from his hands.
The rest of your stake shift you spent it talking to Spencer and turns out you both have a lot in common, but you decided to change the subject to get the answer to a question you have been longing to ask.
“Are or… were you afraid to talk to me?” You asked quietly, making his eyes drop to his lap.
His mouth opened and closed, unsure of what to say.
“A-a little bit.” He murmured as he played with his hands.
“How come? Am I that scary?” You ask trying to get his soft eyes to meet yours again by tilting your head.
“No no it’s not that your scary it’s just… you intimidated me. I just felt so… out of your league to even speak to you I guess, even though that probably doesn’t make any since.” He said shaking his head.
“No I understand… I think, but… I guess you just had to get to know me first. We are a lot alike you know.” You said placing your hand on top of his.
“Yeah I guess your right.” He said unsure if the hand gesture was romantic or just comforting on a friend level.
“Please don’t be scared of me. I just want to be your friend.” You said making a pouty face after, making him laugh.
“Okay I won’t.” He said as you removed your hand, leaving only the memory of your touch on his skin.
He felt you were out of his league, even after the short conversation, so it kept him from asking his longing question.
He watched you out of the corner of his eye, how your hair fell across your shoulders and how your legs crossed so ladylike.
But he knew that you were out of his league.


Featuring: Spencer Reid x Female Reader   

Warnings: Smut

A/N: I am bored and not ready to dive into my next fic. Thinking of adding a Saturday- Smut Shorts to my posting rotation “Smuturday”? Comment or send an ask if you would be interested in the concept.

It was the damned vest. There were some guys that got your attention because of their cologne. There were others that turned you on because they were so good with kids. You had grown resistant to your gorgeous coworkers over time. But when Spencer wore that goddamned vest, you had to excuse yourself to splash cold water on your face. It was that hot and distracting. You imagined the texture of the material, the professorial implications.

He could just wear the vest and your daydreams would be set for an entire case. The way his hair had grown and fell on to the dark material. The edges clinging to the seams, made you think about reaching up and brushing the gentle curls over, to expose his neck. Which of course the vest accented perfectly.

She was wearing the pencil skirt again. She left the matching jacket off, leaving her sleek arms bare for the humid Georgia afternoon. Spencer couldn’t concentrate when she hiked up the sides of the garment, to climb into the SUV. She had such timeless style, always professional but just a little more academic than the other women he worked with.

Spencer was scratching his neck, imagining it was her pointed nails dragging over his skin. He was not used to noticing physical attributes of people besides in a case perspective: victimology, suspect descriptions or mathematical relevant features. But when she wore that skirt with the coarse threaded fabric, he paid attention.

You had stopped for lunch after interviewing a victim’s family. It was a small diner on the outskirts of the town where you were partnering with the local sheriff’s department. You and Reid were finishing up your meal when he leaned over to reach for the check. He had turned just so that the material of the vest brushed against your arm. It scratched in such an unexpected way that you gasped. 

His dark eyes caught yours and he nodded at you. Your breath hitched, you couldn’t help but lick your lips at his hold on you. You slowly got up from the booth, walking to the bathroom in the back of the paneling covered restaurant. Spencer left everything he had in his wallet on the table and slowly followed your swaying hips.

Once you both were in the unisex cubby, you spun, attacking his mouth. Your hands clenched at the stiff fabric framing his chest, pulling him to you. His large hands found the slit of your skirt, dragging the rough fabric over your smooth thighs. He moaned once you backed onto the rail on the wall, taking his belt with your progress. He pressed his whole body against yours. He continued bending your knees as you found you could reach the opposite wall with your heels.

His fingers slid into the deep wetness of your panties, guiding the thin material over. You whined at the hunger that was growing within you. “Spencer, please.”

He opened his eyes and looked down at you, “Yes, ma’am.” He winked and suddenly his cock was pressed against your entrance.  You leaned into him, your shoulders arching against the thin walls of the stall. Your skirt’s fabric burned against your thighs and Spencer’s stomach. He braced himself against one wall, just above your head. Your fist clung to his vest along his collar bone.

The moans came without you realizing, the slapping of skin an increasing rhythm. “Fuck, you just had to, had to wear that damn vest today didn’t you?” You whispered, your voice falsetto with the rush of your climax. You glimpsed Spencer’s concentrated face crumble through your lidded eyes. He called out, thrusting as he clawed at the edges of your skirt, the thread finally giving out to the stress on the slit.

He guided your shaking legs down, as you used his arms as an anchor. He held you as if you were slow dancing. You slowly eased your skirt down, checking for damages. He fixed his trousers, bending to grab his discarded belt. “Y/N, please tell me you have another skirt like that.” His breathing slowly evening out.

“Don’t worry, Spencer, there are plenty more where this came from.”

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Prompt: You’re an uber driver and you get stuck in a hostage situation with the unsub and Aaron

Fandom: Criminal Minds

Relationship: Aaron x Reader

As you turn the corner to pick up the customer, you turn the music down and keep an eye out for the customer you see him standing on the street corner. As you pull up the man opens the door without a word and sits in the back.

“Hi, I’m Y/N where too?” You say adjusting the mirror so you can kind of see the man without hindering your vision of behind.

“Quantico Middle School, Virginia.” He says without looking. Starting the car, you begin driving not saying another word, the school is only a 45-minute drive away. The man puts his headphones on and you just turn the radio on to pass the time. As you’re driving down the main road your phone rings and you see another person heading to the same place. You find a place to park and quickly turn to the man.

“We have another passenger request heading to the same place, do you mind?” You ask politely the man shakes his head to symbolise no. If only you knew the truth about the situation beforehand. As you drive to the hotel the other passenger was staying at, you see him standing outside in a suit with a carry-on bag by his side. You pull up and roll down the window.

“Aaron?” You yell questioning to the man. He looks up and half smiles at you before opening the front passenger door and sitting across from you. “Hi, I’m Y/N. Nice to meet you.” You say shaking his hand.

“I’m Aaron as you already know. I always tell the drivers this but I do have a gun. This is just to avoid shock if we ever get pulled over and you didn’t know.” He says with an amount of serious that was still comforting. You could tell from the suit that he had a government job, one that needs a gun? Probably FBI or CIA.

“That’s perfectly fine, thanks for letting me know.” You say smiling lightly making him smile back at you. You set off driving and before you know it you’ve reached the motorway and you’re about 20 minutes away from the Quantico turn off and your phone rings through the car Bluetooth.

“Unknown number. Answer or decline?” The automated voice rings through the car. You look over at Aaron  and he nods to say he’s okay with you taking the call.

“Answer.” You say loudly and clearly. At first the call is loud and staticy then it kicks it to a perfect sound.

“Hotch??” The female voice asks scared. Aaron straightens his back and looks confused at the Bluetooth.

“Penelope?” He replies. Is that one of his colleagues? What the hell is happening. You keep your eyes on the road while being rather scared.

“Are you okay? Where are you?” Penelope asks kind of calmed down now.

“I’m fine, I’m in an uber on my way to Jacks football game why?” He says hiding the confusion in his voice trying to sound professional.

“Sir… Are you alone in the car?” Her voice goes cold and that’s when you hear the click behind you.

“Aaron…” You whisper suddenly terrified. You look at him with your peripheral vision and he turns his head and his body goes stiff and his eyes widen and you know what he’s seeing. There’s a gun to the back of your head. Your breath goes erratic as you try and calm down to continue driving straight.

“Keep driving. Don’t turn off just drive.” This is the first time you’ve heard the man’s voice and it’s more terrifying knowing he has a gun to your head.

“Penelope, what’s going on?” Aaron asks not even flinching while your freaking out with a gun to the back of your head.

“I don’t know Sir, I got an email with this number, the whole team is behind me.” You can hear shuffling in the background and you know they’re a close team if they’re here just for a phone call. You’re starting to shake even more and you feel a hand go over yours and you look to see Aaron’s hand over yours holding it tightly to calm you down as you’re shaking gets worse.

“What do we do Aaron?” You whisper. He shakes his head in defeat and squeezes your hand harder to comfort you.

“You’re gonna keep driving, or I’m to shoot pretty boy in the head. Now the gun.” The man says waving the gun around making your heart race even quicker while holding his hand out asking for Aarons gun. Aaron leans down to open his carry-on bag, while he does so he lifts his trouser leg to show you another holster. He then grabs his gun out of it and handing it over slowly, “Carefully now. You wouldn’t want me to shoot the girl, would you?”

“That would be a mistake. You see I’m on my way to see my son at his school and I never, and I mean never, miss one of his games. I’m not a 150-pound girl you can scare with a handgun. You’re a coward if you think a small gun is going to scare me.” Aaron says keeping his eyes forward but putting so much anger in his voice you shiver at the authority it holds.

“You can act like you’re not scared SSA Aaron Hotcher, but you’re just as scared as she is. Remember the last time you heard a gunshot while you were in a car, your wife Hayley died, didn’t she?” The man asks now psychologically tormenting Aaron.

“Hayley died because of my mistake. Just because I made a mistake doesn’t mean I wouldn’t kill a sick man who feels like he needs to prove something to the world to save the life of an innocent.” Aaron says hitching his voice when mentioning Hayley but squeezing your hand to calm himself down.

“Sir we’re tracking the car we’ll be there soon just keep dri-“The stereo cut out when a ringing went through the car. You’re ears rang and your eyes went dizzy and the car began to swerve into traffic before Aaron grabs the wheel to keep the car steady as you get back to your senses. You sit back up and you look to see a bullet hole through your speaker and you know that your car isn’t going to last long. You decide to make time while Aaron can think through something to do.

“You just shot through the speaker with a 19mm Walther P99 and right now my engine will be leaking. Aaron can you lean forward to see if there’s anything starting to leak,” You look at him and raise your eyebrows as a hint. Aaron leans down and very slowly takes out a gun from his holster and sits back up without showing the man the gun.

“Yep there’s leaking why?” He asks almost not having to act confused about what you’re doing.

“What does this have to do with me not shooting pretty boy here.” The man says putting the gun towards Aarons head.

“Because this car has about 2 minutes before the liquid in the tank ignites from the heat as the car has been driving for long enough that the engine will be hot enough and unless you want to die in a burning car you’ll have to let us out.” You say holding with your head up high even though there’s a gun to the back of your head.

“That’s a good bluff baby doll.” He says putting the barrel of the gun to my neck, feeling the cold barrel and the opening of the bullet.

“It wasn’t a bluff…” You say adjusting you mirror to see the man, “It was a distraction.” Just as you finish your sentence Aaron swings around with his gun pointed at the man clicking the safety off Aaron pointing it right at his face.

“Good distraction.” The man says with the gun still trained at me.

“That wasn’t the distraction.” You say smirking. You move the car into gear and swing the back end of the car into an oncoming bollard knocking the man to the other side of the car. The car crumples and you go into the side of the car as you hit the bollard with the driver’s side. As the car collides you quickly try and unbuckle your seat belt jumping across onto Aarons side to minimise the impact. The car engine begins to ignite as Aaron grabs you and drags you out of the car leaving the man in the car as it starts to go up in flames. He shields you with his body, caging you in between him and the highway wall, against the flames of the car.

“So, you’re a genius?” He asks trying to keep you conscious just in case you hit your head and you need to stay awake.

“Not at all, I made it up.” You laugh while coughing up a bit of blood at the same time. Aaron laughs back at you while you cradle further into his arms as you slip in and out of consciousness. As you drift his absentmindedly kisses your forehead. You feel it slightly and smile at the gesture before slipping out of consciousness again. He couldn’t help at stare at you as you were asleep in his arms. You held so much confidence around an unsub just the way Hayley had…

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Chatrooms (spencer reid x reader)

An: sooooooooooooooooo like heres the thing, Spencer is Daddy as fuck, and I am a whore for it, so enjoy this shitty smut about Spencer and an online dating chat room, and……yes.

DRRQ: does the raven really quoth 
WUIV: waking up in Vegas 
these are the screen names, because I am a whore for Edgar Allen poe, and I mean Spencer did wake up in Vegas for like…most of his life so..

Warnings: Smutt, Kink, internet sex, DD/LG 

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Groaning Spencer opened his eyes, sleep escaping him, it was rare after a case he could sleep for the first few nights, time zone changes did that to you, but tonight it seemed to be worse then ever.
Sighing he opened his phone, seeing the time, he wondered if she would be on. Spencer was never one for online dating sites, but Garcia had simply installed the app on his phone as a way for him to meet friends, and if it became more then good, if he wanted to chat about smart science stuff then he had a way to, he had made a profile and had bumped into Garcia a few times, she would message a simple
“Hello my pretty boy genius!” And that was fine, he wasn’t wholly embarrassed by his friends knowing he was on the app, Morgan would often poke fun at times nothing serious but he was an adult and it was harder to meet people in real life thanks to his job, so why not. His profile was simple, just a photo Garcia had taken of him that he found very well shot, he liked that you couldn’t really see his features, the sunset helping with that, his bio was simple, saying he was a Dr. The PH.D kind not the hospital kind, and he worked for the FBI, though many people seemed to on this site, being an app that went by location, it wasn’t a surprise people would lie and say they worked in the FBI or CIA, some he had seen claiming to be in the secrete service for the president, what ever worked for people he guessed.
Sighing he scrolled through the photos of people on his homepage time line, no one had been on in hours, the last post from Garcia was her and Emily at post case drinks, shaking his head he smiled, scrolling he stopped on the name he had originally been searching for, the small green bubble indicating she was online, so she had the same insomnia type sleep schedule, clicking her name he smiled opening there messages. She had peeked his interest when she opened her first message with a science pick up line “are you made of Copper and Tellurium? Because you are CuTe” he had to admit that is was funny and very clever. After that the conversation seemed to just flow, he liked her humor and she often sent him photos that made him laugh, all of which never had her full face in them, she said her job was a dangerous one so he understood.

DTRRQ: Hey, shouldn’t you be asleep?
He smiled typing back quickly
WUIV: I should but sleep has run from me, and I should say the same to you, shouldn’t you be asleep? Healthy adults need about 7-8 hours every night…

DTRRQ: so are you not a healthy adult? Well you did tell me you take coffee with your sugar so…
He snorted slightly,
WUIV: Hey in theory that is one of the better bad habits to have.

DTRRQ: You know science says masturbation helps you sleep and can releases the good brain chemicals so you feel good too…
Spencer felt his face flush as he looked at her message, she was correct but it caught him off guard at her forwardness
WUIV: true, sex has the same effect…
Man he was awkward…what would Morgan do when a girl would say that…
DTRRQ: -sent photo-
Spencer felt his eyebrows furrow in confusion, clicking the photo his eyes widened, it was her from an impressive photo angle her shirt pulled up enough to show the undersides of her breasts, she was on her knees, legs apart, her underwear on display
DTRRQ: we could help each other out, because sleep sounds nice but also forgetting the bad from work sounds even better….
DTRRQ: if this is too forward I’m sorry, we can just go back to talking about other stuff…
Spencer bit his lip, he felt his boxers tighten at the image, fuck it why not, they would never really meet, so why not.
WUIV: its…god its more then fine…I’ve never actually sexted before so…I don’t really
It was true Spencer was never a fan of technology,
DTRRQ: its easy, so if you were here, what would you do?
Spencer bit his bottom lip thinking, if it was all anon then he had nothing to lose letting his own personal kink out
WUIV: well, first I’d drag my fingers up your thighs, slowly, so very slowly, lean into your ear whispering “How bad do you want, daddies cock? Do you think kitten deserves it?”
Spencer sighed, no one knew about his…well kink, he liked the DD/LG relationship, he had found that out on accident, a girl he had been with called him it during sex and he had never cum harder in his life, slowly he learned he fucking loved to have his partners call him daddy, he loved caring for them and fucking them senseless when the broke the rules,
DTRRQ: -sent photo-
Spencer opened it quick groaning at the sight, her hand was in her panties now discolored with her very obvious arousal. He set himself free gripping his shaft stroking himself slowly
DTRRQ: fuck, please I’m so wet daddy, I want your cock.
Spencer groaned his head going back slightly he wished he could hear her say that,
WUIV: you want daddies cock, fucking you deeper each thrust, fuck,

DTRRQ: -sent a video-
Spencers eyebrows shot up at that clicking play he almost came at the sight
“Fuck daddy, please…please I want you to fuck me….fuck me till I can’t walk….fuck please can I cum…I need to cum” Spencer stroked his cock faster at her whimpers that finished the video, her hand was moving quickly as she fucked herself, he could only see her mouth but it was open and gasping out the words
WUIV: fuck…cum…cum right now…all over daddies cock…like a good slut…like daddies good little whore.
DTRRQ: -sent a video-
Clicking play, he moaned as he fell over the edge, he could see her fingers moving fast to get her off
Her moans loud,
“Fuck….fuck…daddy I’m cumming! Fuck I’m cumming all over your cock….fuck please don’t stop…oh fuck….fuck!” Spencer watched her legs spasm and shake as she fell over the edge, her toes curling.
His breathing was heavy as he came down from his climax, head back he sighed
WUIV: wow….that was….holy fuck

DTRRQ: yeah….I don’t normally do that…but….holy fuck…
The conversation slowly ended as they both decided sleep was much needed after that, though before that Spencer sent his own photo as a fair trade for her videos and photo.
DTRRQ: holy….wow….so until next time then? If there is one?
He smiled at that
WUIV: only if you want there to be…
DTRRQ: then until next time, sleep well….
DTRRQ: daddy.

Spencer smiled locking his phone, that was the hottest most impulsive thing he’d ever done…and fuck he couldn’t wait till the next time.

Moving on

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Five Months Earlier:

Turning her car off as she pulled into her garage and when she got out of her car she have this odd feeling as she went into the house her and her boyfriend shares but she shook it off. Closing the door as she came into the house she took off her uncomfortable heels which may have caused blisters on her feet. But now all she wanted was to be in the arms of her boyfriend and complain how much of a jackass her boss is.

“Aiden? I’m home.” She exclaimed at the bottom of the stairs before walking up them but this odd feeling reappeared again as she heard footsteps running around their room as she opened her bedroom door she could see her boyfriend with only his boxers on standing in front of the closet breathing heavily.

“Aiden? Is everything okay?” She questioned as she stared at him suspiciously.

“Nothing’s wrong.” Aiden replied a little too casually.

Scoffing as she rolled her eyes. “Oh really nothing’s wrong. Then, what are those hickies on your neck?” She pointed out as she growled.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” He said as he tried to lie.

Just as she was about to respond when she heard someone sneeze. Which clearly didn’t come from any of them. “Okay, Aiden cut the fucking act who’s in the closet?” Uttered angrily.

“ACHOO!” The person in the closet sneezed again.

Shoving her boyfriend out of the way. She pulled the doors of their closet open. Only to see a half naked woman cowering in the closet behind their clothes. Scaring the woman.

“Get your shit and get out.” She screamed at her as the woman hurried to grab her clothes and shoes before running out of the house.

Reaching into the closet she grabbed his duffle bag which was empty. And began shoving most of the  things he owns in the bag.

“I’m done with your sorry ass. You can get the rest of your things tomorrow.” She told him as she threw the bag at him which he caught as he left.

Minutes later after he left she changed into something nice but comfortable. Grabbing her purse which had her phone, wallet, and keys while leaving her house. She really needed to get out that house. Going into her garage she got into her car and drove off. Stopping thirty minutes later as she parked in front of a bar she has been to a couple of times with Aiden. Locking her car she went into the bar and saw that Luke is working tonight.

Sitting on a bar stool Luke came over to take her order. Mixing her drink in a ice filled cocktail shaker he poured the raspberry vodka into shot glasses and she began drinking more than she should from other bartenders which caused him to get involved. “Y/N, I can’t let you drive like that.” He told her as he took her keys.

Stumbling as she got off the stool she tried to get her keys from Luke. But he helped her carefully into the passenger side of her car after finally finding the car he got into the driver’s side starting the car and started driving her home after she told him her address.

“Luke, do you think I’m pretty?”

“Of course I do.”

“My boyfriend didn’t think so. I guess cheating on me was a way of telling me that I’m not good enough.”

But before he could respond he heard he soft snores as she fell asleep against the window. Opening the garage with a garage door opener he carefully carried her into the house while carrying her purse. Before taking her upstairs and lying her down on her bed only to leave briefly and come back with a glass of water and a bottle of Advil and leaving his name and number on a piece of paper before leaving her house after calling a cab.


Over the five months Luke and Y/N have gotten to know each other and becoming friends. Secretly wanting to be more than friends but none of them will admit it.

“C'mon, can you drop the subject?” She asked as one of her friends mentioned Luke again and when she’ll tell him that she has feelings for him.

“Fine. Y/N would you mind getting me a glass of water with some ice cubes?” She insinuated as her friend got up to get her the water. Grabbing her phone she scrolled through her contacts until she found Luke’s and sent him a text message before deleting the message after it sent. And placed her phone back onto the coffee table before Y/N came back into the living room with her water. Drinking a little she made up an excuse to leave.

“I’m sorry I have to go Y/N. Daya got sick at daycare.”

“I hope she feels better.”

Grabbing her things she left since her back was turned to her Y/N couldn’t see the smirk on her face. Getting off the couch she poured the water down the drain and put the glass in the dishwasher. Opening the door after someone knocked on the door.

“Luke! What are you doing here?” She questioned looking surprised. “You texted me saying there’s something you need to tell me.” He told as he pulled out his phone to show her the text.

 “Come in.” She invited him into her house as they both sat down on the couch. “There is something we need to talk about. Over the past few months I’ve developed feelings for you and I’m scared because I don’t wanna get hurt again.“ She exclaimed as a tears began rolling down her cheeks. 

 "I like you too and I promise I won’t hurt you.” Luke uttered as he kissed her and pulled her into his arms.

 "I know.“ She replied before laughing.


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Warnings: SMUT(duh) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The case was taking its toll on you and the rest of your team, the unsub, a man in is late 30’s was abducting women and scattering their body parts in various secluded areas. Every lead you had was one dead end after another, the hours bled together and you were frustrated and furious.

“Okay, let’s head back to the hotel. We’ll rethink the profile in the morning and see if we can find any new leads.” You could sense the fatigue dripping off of every word that Hotch said.

You all gathered your things and split up into the two black SUV’s that sat in the parking lot, you rode with Morgan and JJ, since she was your roommate due to lack of available rooms.

“At least there’s one upside to this case” you thought to yourself. JJ was the most attractive woman you’d ever met, she was not only drop dead gorgeous with her blond hair and piercing blue eyes, but she was kind, compassionate, and extremely smart. She was the kind of girl that you fell in love with instantly, you were unsure if she’d feel the same way about you, as far as you knew JJ was straight.

When you finally pulled up to the hotel you were dying to take a hot shower and scrub off the disappointment that lingered from today. You could tell that JJ was even more tense and frustrated than you were, she’d had to talk to the families of the 3 victims today, it was emotionally exhausting for her but she was the best on the team when it came down to things like that.

“You can have the shower first jay” you said as you set your bags down beside the queen sized bed the two of you would be sharing.

“Thanks Y/N, I could really use it.” She gave you a small smile before retreating into the bathroom and turning on the hot water.

A few minutes later she emerged from the bathroom, a towel wrapped around her body, that beautiful golden blonde hair of hers dripped water down her shoulders and into the cover of her towel.

“All yours Y/N” she said pointing behind her shoulder towards the streamy bathroom, she had an odd look in her eye, it was one the almost mirrored your own look of longing, the longing to touch her beautiful skin and to feel her rosy pink lips against yours.

You escaped into the bathroom and hoped that she hadn’t noticed that you stared at her for longer than you should have. You climbed into the shower and allowed the hot water to work its magic on your tight muscles and let it wash away the nerves from the encounter with your coworker.

You dressed in your usual pajama shorts and a tank top before opening the bath room door, your hair was damp and messy but not dripping like JJ’s.

Your eyes widened at the sight before you, your beautiful colleague was sitting on the bed in a matching black lace bra and panty set.

She tilted her head to the side a little, acknowledging your stare. “Well are you just gonna stand there and stare and me or are you gonna come join me?” She said with a sultry smirk before biting that perfectly pink lip of hers.

You made your way across the room and placed your hand on her cheek, crashing your lips onto hers, she wasted no time and immediately deepened the kiss and allowed your tongue to explore her mouth.

You felt her dainty fingers tugging at the bottom of your tank, you pulled your lips from hers and lifted your arms, the thin top landed on chair in the corner. You clambered about of the shorts before straddling the beautiful woman who watched you in anticipation.

Your lips returned to hers, her hands now rested on your hips. You reached your hands around to unhook her bra and letting it fall from her petite frame before chucking it towards the pile your pajamas now laid in.

She peppered you neck with sensual kisses that made you skin feel like it was on fire, she effortlessly undid the clasp of your bra and moved her kisses down to your breasts. You moaned at the sensation created by her tongue flicking at your now hardened nipple. You felt her smile against your skin, her hand slipped under the thin material that covered your soaking wet core.

She dipped one of her dainty fingers into you, “Y/N, you’re so damn hot”.

You were quickly flipped onto your back while JJ peeled the thin material off of you, and took in the sight of your naked body beneath her.

She lowered herself and kissed from your knee to your upper thigh, she licked at your slit, sending a shiver of ecstasy up your spine. You arched your back as her tongue pressed up against your throbbing bundle of nerves.

She carefully places two fingers inside of you, and gives you time to adjust to the feeling before she curls them, after a few seconds she begins sliding her fingers in farther and then curls them slightly as she retracts them. She finds your sweet spot and you gasp in pleasure, she continues this before using her other hand to work your clit in small circles, adding and releasing pressure, earning various moans and hums from you.

You release the fiery knot that was building up, your walls tightened around her fingers while she worked you down from your high. Just as she pulled her hands from inside of you, the door opened and Emily Prentiss stood frozen in the doorway, her cheeks burned bright red and her eyes averted to the floor.

“Oh my god…I-I’m so sorry, I should’ve knocked first.” She stammered barely capable of getting the words out of her mouth while she frantically grabbed for the door knob, trying to keep her eyes on the floor rather than her two naked coworkers.

Once the door was shut again and your flustered colleague was gone, you and JJ erupted in a fit of giggles, thinking of the look on Emily’s face when she realized what she walked in on.

You guys were sure to hear about it tomorrow, but for tonight you both had other things to occupy yourselves.