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In Asylumtale,Frisk x Sans is cannon? (I ship it :3)

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umm, I mean I am a Frans fan (don’t judge me, that pairing is cute as hell!) but I didn’t actually wanted it in the comic. Frisk here is just a fucking kid, they are like 12-13 years old. but when they are older, I think it’s … okay??? (again, don’t judge, I know I’m disgusting, but anyone who ships the skeles with someone, are just as insane as me … don’t judge) but if you want, live your dreams! if you want to ship them: JUST DO IT! (insert Shia LaBeouf move)

don’t let me stop you! at least I won’t judge you, I thought of this thing too, but wanted to stay with pure thoughts for the thing … heh


Here comes a thought

Possibly one of my favorite Steven Universe song to date. What a brilliant message.