gif: costa rican summer

Name: Scott Sullivan


Age: 19

From: Vancouver, BC

How long they’ve been coming to the lake: About 5 years.

FC: Drew Roy

Description: Scott’s very All-American for a Canadian boy. He plays football, has a dazzling smile, killer abs, and numerous cheerleader ex-girlfriends. He’s hotter than summer, and fully aware of it. He’s been using his flirting skills to charm girls out of their bikinis every summer since he came to Firefly Lake, and he doesn’t intend on this year being different. The only girl who’s ever rejected him was Ava Oleander, and he isn’t sure she even remembers it happening. She seems hard to get. Challenge accepted.

Character interactions: Interacts with all the hot girls. Talks to the guys, but only really when he needs something. Maybe he could make friends with one or two of the new kids.