gif: comic con


I need some help from anyone whos ever sold things at cons. What are some services i can use for merch and table essentials I’d need to get?  I’m trying to put together a budget and collection. It’s the reason for commissions opened. I’ve never had the experience of selling anything at a con, and I’d like to try for NYCC. Any advice is appreciated, thank you! <3


so today I was at Phoenix Comic Con my little cousin and I were coming down the stairs and we just so happened to see Cayde-6. We were speechless but we knew we had to get a picture of him and then later had to get a picture with him. pretty much this made our day and completed my life. 

So I was at comic con last weekend and this little girl, maybe all of 5 at MOST, was there, all awe struck by all the princesses. And she went by a Belle and a Cinderella and shyly said “hi.”

I thought, “that’s cute,” and turned back to a booth with art I could kill for. Then I hear the loudest, most excited shriek of, “MOANA!” And turn in time to see this little girl dart and do a FULL BODY TACKLE on a woman dressed up as Moana. Who then just gave her tiny human missile the biggest hug.

It was the cutest freaking thing ever.