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Imma make a track record of this(and keep adding to it) bc it just keeps growing:

Things WWE Have Done Against The Bullet Club(more specifically its members)

  • Took Cody’s last name
  • Made The Club which, not only consisted of ex-members but basically stole everything the Bullet Club was
  • Gave Jack Gallagher a fully black umbrella exactly like Marty has
  • Legally stopped them from using “Fuck The Revival”
  • Legally stopped them from using “Suck It”

ROH World Champion Cody Rhodes
[June 23rd, 2017]

What a year it’s been for Cody Rhodes. It was only 13 months ago that Rhodes left the WWE and began a quest to become one of the top wrestlers in the world, outside of the limelight of the company in which his father created the foundation for the future. Creating the famous “Rhodes list”, Cody made it clear what his intentions were for the wrestling world, checking off wrestler after wrestler as he set out to go one-on-one with anyone and everyone he dreamed of.

At last night’s ROH Best In The World event, Rhodes challenged Christopher Daniels for the ROH World Championship. This would be Cody’s second shot at the title, unsuccessfully challenging Daniels at War Of The Worlds in a triple threat match that also included Jay Lethal. However, at Best In The World, Cody was able to topple “Almighty” Christopher Daniels for the gold, winning his first world championship and becoming the first Rhodes in over 30 years to win a world championship. This may very well be the first of many, as Rhodes is set to take on Kazuchika Okada on July 1st for the IWGP Heavyweight Championship.