gif: chunji


141209 My Dear Angels concert in Tokyo

There were a few games that TEEN TOP played during this concert. One of them was a game that involved little plastic balls and fans participation. At the end of the game, TEEN TOP members came up with a competition amongst themselves to see who can throw these plastic balls to fans on the second floor of the venue.

Since they came up with this idea after the game was actually over, they had no more plastic balls on the stage. C.A.P decided to ask for a plastic ball from one of the fans in the front row. Although some of the fans kept the plastic balls as a souvenir, this particular fan gave C.A.P the ball as requested.

C.A.P gave the ball to Niel, who then threw it to the second floor. A fan was able to catch it and she was really happy.

Since TEEN TOP wanted to continue the ball throwing competition, a staff brought some extra plastic balls to the stage for them to use. Apparently, the fan who gave up her plastic ball to C.A.P wanted another ball to replace it.

Niel saw the fan asking for a plastic ball, so he approached Chunji and told him to give the ball to the fan. Chunji had a plastic ball in his hand because it was his turn to throw the ball to the second floor.

However, Ricky also saw that the fan was asking for another plastic ball and he was ahead of the others. He took another blue ball and gave it directly to the fan. He almost fell doing so, but he made sure the fan got another blue plastic ball to keep.

I don’t know why TEEN TOP fans are called Angels, but I do know that TEEN TOP members are consist of literal Angels.