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Hey Tay! I got tickets for Jingle Bash in Chicago on December 7th! It’s crazy because I’m in section 213, row M (the 13th letter in the alphabet), and seat 13! I so excited to get to see you perform and I can’t wait for your surprises! See you then @taylorswift 😘💜

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Name: Nia
Age: 23
Country: USA

Hey there! This is pretty cool, i’ve always wanted a pen pal.
As the intro suggests, my name is nia and im 23. currently in the old city of chicago, which i just moved back to from indiana and the suburbs. I love traveling (though ive only been out of the country once; i would love to do more of it very soon)
Im a musician and an “artist”, self proclaimed creative person.
I enjoy reading books, but i love book recommendations more :) I deeply enjoy poetry
(i write some of it myself)

I have a deep reverence for the natural world. I cultivate plants and enjoy studying ancient cultures and religions to find similarities between them.

But its not just all serious all the time! I enjoy certain aspects of pop culture; i was raised on televison so im down with the cartoon recferences before like 2013 lol. Casual anime fan. Was a fan of gaming until Activision killed it with MW. More of an rpg person. Maybe even platform. Very rarely first person s. (As a pasives it feels too close to the real thing)

Disclaimer: I do suffer from seasonal depression, so winter months can be sort of a downer. But hey, maybe not…

Preferences: Ooh i love snail mail! But i don’t really love to buy stamps though, so email is preferred.

Age: 22-36 (the cap isn’t really all that important, just not kids lol)

Sex/gender: i literally couldn’t care less

Country: it would be cool if tge pal could be out of the country, but this isn’t all that important either.

ryanarnoldrocks: With only an acoustic guitar, @st_vincent tore up our little stage for a handful of listeners. Afterwards she spent time with the airstaff. So gracious, so generous with her time. Whenever an artist thanks you and your radio station for playing their record and supporting them from the start, I’m reminded just how important our jobs are. Thanks for the songs and the reminder, Annie. See you in January! 📷 @jillweindorf


(via C&NW F7 419 | Chicago & North Western Railway F7 419 at Clyb… | Flickr)

Clybourn in the pre-Uber/Lyft era


So I guess when I don’t post animations that I’ve worked on, you guys don’t get to see them. I always forget that 🤔

After I’ve worked on a project for hours and hours, have been paid, and have then moved on to my next client or project, I try to take a step away from whatever I’ve just created. I’ve either seen it too much, hate something about it, or just simply need a break.
During that break, however… I could know, POST the work I just did, in an effort to honor the music artist I’ve just collaborated with or the client I just gave some sauce to. I’ll work on that, I really will. I HAVE to remember: Twitter is not a great gallery. Just because I post a gif or animation there doesn’t mean that it serves me HERE. I’m not that poppin yet.
Working on it though.

I say all of that to say this: here’s the animation I did for @Closedsessions and my guy @kwekucollins!

if you haven’t heard ‘Grey’ yet… ooh what is you doing lil baby?
Go to any one of your favorite streaming services (including YouTube if you’re tryna give this animation another look)

AND GO LISTEN TO IT RIGHT NOW. I’m currently (like as in AS WE SPEAK) bumping “International Business Trip” so yah. Go do that.
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Just got into Chicago to speak at the American Studies Association conference! Hit me up if you’re in town. 👍
I like to pretend I’m above getting nervous when doing public speaking, but when most people in the audience are a few decades older than you, cis, and tenured, it can still be hard. I’ve done public speaking at least a hundred times but there’s always an underlying aspect of it that can make me worried about my performance. Everybody gets nervous. However, we can remind ourselves that if someone judges you based on your public speaking ability, they’re overlooking what’s really important: what you’re actually saying.