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If you work/live in the Chicago area, you must check out the farmer’s market at Daley Plaza. Every Thursday from 7-3 enjoy a variety of fresh produce, flowers, as well as homemade goodies & treats. Take a seat & relax with your feet in the cool water of the fountain as you snack on a delicious grilled cheese or asian takeout. The plaza is filled with light & the buzz of people enjoying the warm weather outside. The vendors are all super friendly (& pssttt many of them offer free samples!) 10/10 would recommend.
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Chloe | Chicago | Beca | PP3

But Chloe can’t fall head over heels for Chicago though? its just not right what if when Chloe starts to develop feelings for Chicago then she keeps on banging on about Chicago this Chicago that and in that moment Beca’s starting to get these feelings that’s she’s never really had for another girl, she’s jealous of Chloe always talking about Chicago because in actual fact she may of just blew her one and only chance to confess to Chloe how she feels but could it be too late?


These abandoned train tunnels beneath Chicago, Illinois ran for almost 50 years, carrying coal and other materials for the buildings built over them. They stopped carrying coal in 1959, but the Chicago Tribune continued to use them until 1981 to carry paper from their warehouse to the Tribune. They were largely forgotten about until they flooded in 1992, causing almost $2 billion worth of damage. They’ve since been sealed almost completely. 


The creativity of my students seemed to have no limits. I’ve learned over my 15 years of teaching to let go of my fears of having to come up with creative ideas, and remember that if the students are given the right combination of opportunities and resources, and are taught with inquiry and passion, they’ll work magic.

The Chicago Flag Project

Each tile was made and designed by a Computer Science student at Chicago’s Lane Tech College Prep High School.