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1/2i have an autistic character who undergoes a lot of trauma (torture, a major battle, her father's death) and is forced to move a couple times. After all of this is over, is it realistic for her to teleport somewhere safe and have a shutdown? I know PTSD is likely to increase some of her autistic traits, but is it likely to change whether she melts down or shuts down? If she manages to create a routine while living on her own away from people, is the introduction of people who are interrupting

2/2her routine and who she knew during the war likely to make things harder for her? I have her going semiverbal and essentially communicating only with a very limited set of scripts, but does that make sense? i also have an increase in maladaptive stimming and strict adherence to routines like locking doors and checking outside, as well as major trouble with finding a sensory safe food, but once she does find it she samefoods it until she’s malnourished. Does that make sense? Thank you!!!

Is it realistic for her to have a shutdown? Yes, absolutely

Would PTSD change whether she has meltdowns or shutdowns? It would certainly make her more likely to have meltdowns and shutdowns, but I don’t haven’t read anything suggesting that one is more likely than another. If she tends towards dissociation, I would say probably shutdown, but I haven’t any evidence.

Would the introduction of people interrupting her routine make things harder? Yes, on two counts: 1) interruption of routines can be very stressful by itself 2) these people might serve as a reminder of the trauma and trigger memories.

Might she communicate with a limited set of scripts? Yes, this makes sense. The number of scripts she has access to and how much she is able to modify them might depend on her stress levels.

Could there be an increase in maladaptive stimming and strict adherence to routines like locking doors and checking outside? Yup! The line between stimming and self harm might blur - she might find it hard to know whether she is performing a behaviour mainly as a way to self-stimulate or as a way to self-harm. The routines might help her to feel safe for PTSD reasons, but also be reassuring because they are a routine.

Does it make sense for her to struggle to find foods that are acceptable sensory-wise, and might she samefood until she’s malnourished? Yes, this makes sense. Consider what type of malnourishment she will experience and how long this would take with the food she does eat. Does she have only nutritional deficiencies, or does she also struggle to get enough calories from her diet? What will happen to her? Will she get sick? Will she start taking medicine?

Best of luck with your story - I am really pleased that you are showing the lasting impact of trauma on your character, it is something that is often glossed over in fiction.

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From the 8.19 Engeki Haikyuu Line Live Stream!

Naoki, Shouri, and Takato were at Akiba Girls Station during the stream, working hard to sell the Engeki Haikyuu Choco-crunch Cans, and obviously watching the stream from their end.  

  • Seeing Karasuno make their 4-character phrases, they thought they’d make their own while waiting for the stream to check in on them.  Theirs reads:  Nekoma’s Sick of Waiting!!!
  • They also enjoyed Fucchi’s Cooler Max Receive (lol)
  • Takato felt very bullied since they piled up the cans so high he couldn’t be seen anymore.  So he was sulking behind the cans and petting his stuffed calico.
Hey if any of you need help creating a character

Feel free to hit me up, I’m not super educated in lore, so find a lore-friend for that! But I pride myself in making the bases for really realistic, fleshed-out characters and setting up a personality that make it easy to get into the flow of writing them. 

So if you need someone to brain storm with, please feel free to hit me up!

Amélie Poulain from “Le Fabuleux Destin d’Amélie Poulain” ( Jean Pierre Jeunet), one of my favorite movies.