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YouTube Red Movie idea

Who thinks YouTube should make a movie with all of the Demon Youtubers (Antisepticeye, Darkiplier, etc.) where the demons take over their bodies and cause a bunch of trouble while the real youtubers are stuck in a mental labyrinth and need to find their way out in order to retake their bodies? I think that would be awesome! Reblog if you agree!!!!


A Proud Father.png

Someone thought it was a great idea to teach Tom to use a bow. However, training accidents do happen. Good thing no one was hurt that badly and it was just a practice arrow, that thing will be out in a minute once the healer arrives. Maxxor is still very proud of his human son for having the strength to actually hurt him even if its a minor injury.

I’ve been meaning to do this image for a while now and I’m trying to practice more with backgrounds.

[I still do commissions]

“I love you.”

You really, really don’t.
You love the idea of me and there’s a bit of a difference, my dear.
You cannot claim you love me until you understand that on some nights,
4 A.M. is my best friend and that I’d love for you to join us sometime.
Maybe you can say you love me when you understand that I write in blue ink
because blue is all I ever feel.
I’m sure it sounds nice rolling off your tongue,
it may even taste sweet enough for you to want to say it more than once.
It leaves an acrid taste in my mouth.
You just won’t get that I prefer words saturated in honesty
and that when you talk, all I hear is empty promises.
So please. Don’t say you love me.
God forbid I believe you.