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Working Hard vs Playing Hard
  • Yonghwa : where's Hongki?
  • Jaejin : he couldn't come because of a drama shoot
  • Yonghwa : ah really?
  • Seunghyun : and Minhyuk?
  • Jonghyun : Minhyuk too same like Hongki
  • Jonghun : those two are busy making money
  • Seunghyun : we should be playing as hard as they're working
  • Jaejin : that's right, no regrets
  • Seunghyun : we should drink

140327 Cheongdamdong 111 EP3 FULL

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Does anybody know of a site that has full episodes of Cheongdamdong 111 subbed in English? I say full eps because it’s super hard to find & most sites only have CN Blue & FT Islands cuts subbed.

I am a massive fan of both groups but at the same time i wanna watch the whole show & not only their parts. If my Korean was anywhere near good enough i would sub it myself (because i found links to the full episodes unsubbed) but sadly it is not :( 

Please help if you know? Thank you x :D 


CDD111 Season 2 Ep. 1 Eng Sub (CNBLUE CUTS)