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A "Mads" Achievement

Finally I have officially watched all movie of Mads that is on DVD. Yay. I feel so happy. The last one being Vildspor, last night. He is adorable. Love all the scenes with his son.

But the relationship storyline is hard to watch.

Overall, my favourite movie of Mads is hands down Jagten/The Hunt.

It’s an absolutely powerful movie and I just love it.

My second favourite, its a tie between En Kort En Lang and Move On.

I just can’t decide between a sweet, adorable gay Mads…

or wardrobe porn..

And finally in third, its a tie between “The Royals” - Casino Royale and A Royal Affair. I love both equally. A bad baddie and and a not-so-baddie

Actually Pusher ll was quite okay. I cried during the ending and loved the scenes with his baby. Least favourite would be Prag, not sure why. But he still looks good though.

BONUS: I downloaded the movie Headhunter with Lars Mikkelsen (his brother in case you didn’t know).

I freaking loved it. He is actually quite good looking and he is soo tall omfg!!!!!! Look at that body him.

Also he has lovely adorable eyes.

I can’t wait to see him playing the villain in Sherlock.

Conclusion: The Mikkelsen brothers are perfection!

*note: gifs are not mine and ignore my stupid post…