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These are not in any order, they are simply my favourite teenaged movies all in one list. They are all so perfect and used to make me think that I would one day have a high school romance. 
I finished school without having anything to call a relationship. 
People say it’s soo good that I can do that, but I feel like I really missed out on what I love about most of my favourite movies. 
A teenage romance that I will never experience in highschool because I’ve finished. 2 years left being a teenager and my chance will be completely gone.
I’ve never even been kissed. I mean, other people have probably got the same problem, and maybe I’m just another person who is having the same problem as everyone else, but I want to take the time to complain for myself.
There are heaps more teenaged movies that I have not put in the list but I personally put these all together and I cannot be bothered adding more movies or putting them in order. I just tagged every name in the tags.
I’ve seen them all and I enjoyed them all. If you have missed out on any of these, go for it and watch them.. ALL. They are from the 80’s, 90’s and 00’s.
They all make you feel corny as shit, but I personally love cheesy romance movies.. My favourites are from the 90’s, but you can’t beat those 80’s classics.
They all have a special place in my heart and maybe one daymy life will have a movie styled teen romance.