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If you keep being mean to Church, Church will just keep being mean to you, and then everyone will be mean to everyone all the time, and everything will be bad and no one will have fun. I mean, c’mon! Is this really what you want? You just- you just want to be angry and mean all the time? Because that is dumb! And you know what? You are dumb for thinking that! So Church left, and maybe some of us were sad, but you know what? That is okay!

Cookies - Caboose x Reader

I love Caboose, ‘nuff said. 

WC: 889
SUMMARY: Baking is always fun, even more so when you’re accompanied by your loving helper. 

Each time he smiles, you can feel your heart leap, the butterflies dancing in your stomach whenever he pulls you into a tight hug. There’s just something amazingly innocent about him, like a small patch of earth that remains untouched by the harshness and cruelty of man.

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