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Brohm- Prince

This was all @shellett-is-my-oxygen’s prompt, so credit to them for the idea!

Bryce was currently looking at all of the maidens placed in front of him. He would be lying if he said they weren’t gorgeous, but he wasn’t interested. The young prince didn’t want to marry anyone, His parents are getting old though, and they need Bryce to choose a queen to rule along with him. After a bit, Bryce decided to call it quits. He wasn’t going to find anyone he liked. He cautiously got away from his parents and went to the kitchen. He wanted a glass of water, and if you had a clean source of drinking water, why would you use the sink? He knew it was almost time for supper, and hoped he wasn’t going to bother anyone. He strolled through the maze of hallways until he reached the oh-so-familiar door. He heard chatter through the door, but continued to go through the doorway. Apparently he had interrupted a conversation.

“What do you mean, Cartoonz? you just had it!” I heard someone say. The one who said this was facing the other way, and he was talking to a friend.

“I don’t know, Ohm! I just lost It?”

“A pan? You lost a fucking pan?”

“Why is that so hard to believe? This kitchen is huge!”

“Delirious, can you get another pan?” He asked.

The mysterious man called Ohm walked away and continued cooking.

“Oh..uhh…hey Prince Bryce! What brings you here?” ‘Cartoonz’ asked.

“I just wanted a glass of water…sorry for disrupting you.”

“No. No. No! It’s fine! Here, let me get you a glass.”

The man fetched him a glass of water, just as he asked.

“Here you go, sir.”

“Thank you.” Bryce took a sip of his water.

“Yeah. No problem.”

“Who’s the brunette?” Bryce whispered to the man.

“Ryan? He’s our boss. He’s rude, but we love him.”

“Tell him to meet me in the garden tonight after dinner, please.”

“Will do.” Cartoonz said with a smirk.

Bryce left the kitchen so they could cook, but he wanted to stay longer. They all seem like nice people. Especially ‘Ohm’. He’s very cute. Bryce pushed these thoughts to the back of his mind, and got dressed for dinner.

-Meanwhile with Ohm-

Cartoonz walked up to his boss and friend.

“Hey Ryan.”


“Anyways Ryan, the prince wanted me to tell you something.”

Ohm frowned at the name but replied anyway, “Well?”

“He wants you to meet him in the garden after dinner.”


“He wouldn’t tell, but I think someone’s got a crush~” He sang.

“I fail to see his reasoning…”

“C'mon Ohm! It’ll be fun! Just go.”


-Back to Bryce-

As Bryce sat at the dinner table, the memory of him kept reoccurring. His messy, oak brown hair and his voice. Both a work of art. He’s never seen the man’s face, but can only imagine the beauty.
The waiters brought out the wine glasses filled with water, and handed them to each family member. While being handed his glass, Bryce’s hand brushed against the waiters. As he looked up to identify the waiter, he was met with a familiar sight. It was him. The man with the messy hair. The man accidentally stole his heart. Bryce had never talked to him before, but knew he was the one. When they met later, Bryce would figure something out.
After a silent dinner, Bryce retreated back to his room to practice what to say.
He softly sat down upon the cold surface of the short stone wall, waiting for this man they called “Ryan”. Bryce continuously rubbed his hands together nervously and played with his golden hair. Why? Even Bryce couldn’t tell you. He’s talked to so many other people, yet Ryan was someone special, and he could tell. The blond’s train of thought was interrupted when he heard the door that led to the garden close. He glanced in said direction and was met with the beauty that is Ryan. They made eye contact, and both wore a slight smile.

“Hello, Ryan. Nice to meet you.” Bryce said.

“Likewise,” Ryan played with the hem of his casual gray shirt, “Why did you need me here?”

“I just wanted to talk to you, is it that hard to believe?”

“Don’t usually converse. Pretty much a loner.” Ryan said, puffing out his chest and flexing.

“Well. Then, please, let me be the first. I’m Bryce.” Bryce introduced after a small giggled escaped his lips.

“Really? I had no idea what your name was.” Ryan responded sarcastically.

Another laugh from the blond, “Well now you know! You work in the kitchen, right?”

“That’s me alright.”

“I might have to come to the kitchen more often then, I didn’t know they hired cuties like you.” Bryce added with a wink.

“Well if you were any hotter I think it would be illegal.”

“Actually, I think it’s physically impossible for me to be any hotter, but I appreciate it.”

“Well I tried.”

Sometime during their conversation, Ryan sat down next to Bryce, and they were really close. Ryan slowly leaned back and gave a nervous laugh.

“What did you plan in talking about?” Ryan said, turning to look at the sun setting on the horizon.

“I was honestly hoping that you would carry the conversation.” Bryce confessed, also now looking at the sunset.

“Well now you know that I can hold a wet bar of soap better than a conversation.” Ryan said.

Bryce laughed. A genuine one. It had been a while since he had, and it felt good.

“You’re hilarious, you know that?” Bryce said, still struggling to hold back giggles.

“I guess so.”

And they sat in silence for the rest of their time together, until the had to say goodbye. It was a comfortable silence, not awkward at all, and Bryce was glad. Glad that he had finally found his one true love. And maybe, just maybe, his new crush would like him back.


Maybe a part two of you want???