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buffy & giles | a father’s love [#BuffySlays20]

fic: swords

for femslash week, day #1: canon-compliant / missing scenes

pairing: buffy/tara
summary: post-Dead Things, tara attempts to comfort buffy with a tarot reading.
a/n: for @tattooeyes​​ again, i love dali
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“I could read for you,” Tara says, once Buffy has calmed down enough to sit beside her on the couch. “T-Tarot cards, I mean. Um, I’m not very good, but I find it calms me when I’m… when I’m going through something.”

Buffy nods and pushes stray hairs from her eyes. They’d stuck there while her tears had dried up. She can’t speak yet, but the nod is enough.

Tara fetches her cards from her bag and passes them to Buffy.

“Will you shuffle them?”

Another nod. Buffy takes the cards and, after wiping smudged mascara from her fingers onto her pants, begins to shuffle them.

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fic: coasting

for femslash week, day #2: canon-divergent

pairings: buffy/willow + tara/faith
summary: buffy and willow double date with tara and faith at an amusement park.

a/n: this was kind of inspired by a prompt from @neonbars, so… this is dedicated to her. also for @theforestlesbian, @anyasbunny, @kathubs, @empresslilah (omigosh u changed your url!) and @dowhatyoulike, all of whom expressed interest in one or the other of these pairings while i was looking for prompts last month! feel free to Not Read!

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“I’ll go on,” Tara announces, “but I’m not opening my eyes. Not even once.”

“Think about the picture, babe,” Faith says, squeezing her hand. “Halfway down that mountain and—snap! The rest of us are havin’ the time of our lives, and you’re there lookin’ all squinty.”

“We never buy the picture anyway,” Tara points out.

“A-And I don’t know about ‘the rest of us having the time of our lives’ either,” Willow says. She looks to Buffy. “Do I have to go on?”

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