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I just want a friend

I used to love school. I used to love going to school with my friends. Working hard in class. Participating. Playing. Hanging out. I used to love it all. But now it’s changed. I feel so alone. People say they are my friend. But why do I feel like I have none. You know. The other day they were talking about depression. And one said. “If they want to kill themselves they should do it properly. ” I think that’s when it started. I used to have depression. So you can feel how that would affect me. I slowly started noticing. How I was slightly left out. The one left behind. The one ignored. Uncared for. I broke down three times today. Disappeared for a whole hour. And. No one noticed. Or cared. Or asked about it. When I say something in a group chat it automatically dies. I’m so alone. I just want to be invisible now. I just want to stay at home. I don’t know what to do anymore. I feel like I’m suffocating. I don’t eat at school anymore. I just hide. But really. I just want a friend. Someone to rely on. To hug. That will accept me for me. That will be there for me. Is that so hard to ask….

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Brothers Conflict - Gestures of Affection

Masaomi – head ruffles and little gifts like bags of candy and little bouquets

Ukyo – quick little hand squeezes and nice dinners, subtle but romantic

Kaname – hand-written poetry in calligraphy and nicknames

Hikaru – hand holding on walks, just staying up late, talking into the night

Tsubaki – flashy dates and kisses to the back of the neck

Azusa – cuddling and quiet talks

Natsume – watching movies and a kiss to the forehead, long text conversations

Louis – playing with each other hair, surprise flowers and pieces of jewelry

Subaru – a surprise hug from behind, straightforward compliments

Iori – picnics on the roof under the stars, sitting together just reading

Yusuke – shoulders brushing as you run errands together, those comfortable silences where no one feels the need to talk

Fuuto – dedicated songs and expensive gifts

Wataru – big hugs that last forever and words of affection