gif: brendon urie

Panic! at the disco demos/unreleased tracks/bonus tracks
  • All The Boys x
  • Bittersweet x
  • Behind the sea x
  • Northern downpour x
  • Come on x
  • Cant fight against the youth x
  • Do you know what I’m seeing x
  • I Wanna Be Free
  • It’s Almost Halloween x
  • It’s True Love x 
  • Kaleidoscope Eyes x
  • Lullaby x
  • Mercenary x
  • Oh Glory x
  • Stall Me x
  • She had the world x
  • Turn Off the Lights x
  • The piano knows something i don’t know x
  • New Perspective x
  • cabin album snippets x
  • Boys will be Boys x
  • Time to Dance x
  • Camisido x
  • Nails for Breakfast, Tacks for Snacks x
  • Nearly Witches x
  • Bad Apple/Miss Jackson x
  • Feel free to add any that i missed!!

The girl in the Victorious video is named Kate.  Four letters.  “Ryan” has four letters.  They play dodgeball, which uses a ball - you know what else uses a ball?  Soccer.  Cape Town has 21 soccer clubs.  21 is divisible by 7 - the exact amount of letters in “Seattle.”  It’s also divisible by 3 - Myrtle Beach, Seattle, Cape Town.  Brendon is awarded a check for one million dollars.  AFYCSO has sold two million copies.  Brendon and Ryan were two people, and now Brendon is only one person.  Victorious references Queen’s “Killer Queen,” from their album Sheer Heart Attack, which came out in 1974.  What year does the first volume of THROAM take place?  1974.  “Scarf trick” - Ryan wore scarves.  “Living like a washed up celebrity” - obviously a jab at Ryan.  “It hurts until it stops, we will love until it’s not” - Ryden was real and Victorious is all about Ryan gOODBYE