gif: bplus diary



START @ 0:46 (Mom’s thoughts on her son)

HS Mom: HyunSik is doing what he wants to do most. I wish for him to be someone who enjoys his work and gets recognition and respect from others.

EK Mom: When people look at him, rather than them saying “that child is successful”, I want him to be happy. Happy because of what he does. And so no matter what anybody says, he can say “I’m happy because I’m doing what I want to do most”. I want him to become that kind of child.

MH Mom: I want him to be like now and not be exhausted. I want him to put in continuous effort but not be impatient. I want him to enjoy and find happiness in what he does.

SJ Mom: I think he’s becoming an adult quickly and I hope he can independently filter himself (like control himself, etc) because I think it will be helpful as they live their lives.

CS Mom: I really wish he would be healthy. I don’t why he comes out as sick or ill (on tv) so much. When I ask him if he’s sick he says he’s fine. Even though he’s sick he acts like he isn’t. With confidence and with health, I want him to do what he has always been doing.  Sleep and eat well. He never eats what I tell him to. 

IH Mom: Later, as time passes on and he continues to study music, I hope he becomes the producer he wishes to be. And within BtoB, I hope he listens to his hyung’s well because the child is stubborn. He gets flared up and I hope he controls that well and he will become a member that BtoB cannot be without. Also, I hope he gets a lot of love.

End @ 3:05