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how about a mckirk headcanon where bones comes across cinderella's prince from into the woods on an away mission without kirk (different unit, got separated, whatever works) and thinks it's kirk affected by a weird alien virus so brings him back to the enterprise only to find out that kirk has already beamed up and is waiting for him as they materialise. cue to fascinated jim+prince at each other's handsomeness and then fighting for bones as the prince starts woo bones and bones is 200% done.

  • Fucking hell, where even is he? This place. This planet isn’t even hostile, yet within minutes of being beamed down here, Leonard’s lost his entire crew. It doesn’t help that it’s a literal nightmare of every children’s book he’s read to Jo when she was younger. Laughter of witches, the howling of a wolf in the distance, the unnecessary singing of townspeople he passes by. Nightmare fuel, this is. And with his communicator not working, Bones is stuck here, by himself, casually trying to warn Little Red Riding Hood not to visit her grandmother, without interfering with the prime directive too much.
  • Jim isn’t even supposed to be here. That'even scarier, because while Bones is making his way through the woods when he runs into… Jim? “What are you wearing?” he asks when his captain approaches him on a horse. Clad in fancy clothes like he’d just walked out of a period drama. “Oh, you, good sir!” Jim calls out, sliding off his horse with flair, like he’d done that a million times before, “I’m looking for a fair maiden-” “Yeah, what else is new?” Bones counters, frowning a little at how offended the other looks from being interrupted. “She was at my ball,” Jim continues, “I intend to marry her.” “We’re in private,” Bones says, “you can act normal.“ "Oh, thank goodness,” Jim sighs, “I only intend to marry her because that’s what’s expected of me. I’m the heir to the kingdom, after all. I need a fair maiden to-” “Oh, fuck sake,” Bones groans, “what sort of alien plant spit you out this time?” Reaching out for Jim’s hand, his other hand reaches out in his pocket for his communicator. “Scotty,” he calls, hoping the other can hear him despite hearing nothing on the other end himself, “Scotty, if you can hear this: two to beam up.”
  • “Where have you taken me?” Jim asks, and Bones rolls his eyes. “Let’s just go to medical,” he says, only to be stopped by Jim, the real Jim, who enters the transportation room. “Bones! What are you doing, taking a local up with you?” Jim asks, glancing at the other - whoever that is, not-Jim - with mild interest, “who is this?” “I thought it was you,” Bones says, and Jim frowns. “He doesn’t even look like me.” “I agree,” not-Jim says, “I’m a prince, and much more handsome.” “I wouldn’t say that,” Jim replies, and Bones runs a hand through his hair. “Okay, fine, beam him back.” “Wait,” Prince says, “I do need a medical examination. I have a promiscuous past.” “Great,” Bones sighs, signing the other to join him, “just what I needed. Alright, Charming, let’s go get you looked at before syphilis melts your face off.” 
  • “You’re so intelligent,” Prince says, sitting on one of the biobeds while Bones examines him. “Hmm, greatly under appreciated on most occasions,” Bones agrees. “Witty, too. I like that,” Prince replies, reaching out to cup Bones’ cheeks, the action leaving the doctor a bit stunned. “If times were different, doctor, you’d make me a fine husband.” Bones laughs at that, reaching out to take the prince’s hands away from his face. “Don’t take the rules of your time so seriously. You ever see a guy you like? Change the law. Someday you’ll find someone. As for me, I tried being a husband, it’s not for me.” "Change the law?” Prince repeats, his fingers tightening on Bones’ hands, “imagine that. Me, being with an intelligent, charming doctor as a trophy husband-” “No, really,” Bones says, “I’m not the one you want.” “Well,” Prince says, letting go of Bones’ hand, but rather than letting go, he moves his arms around Bones’ neck, “we don’t have to get married to enjoy each other’s company.”
  • “Hey,” Jim says, glancing at the two of them when the doors to the medbay slide open. That Prince Charming is there, arms around Bones’ shoulders, and the captain narrows his eyes. “Bones,” he says, “can I talk to you for a second? In private.” 
  • “What are you doing?” Jim hisses quietly, “you bring a stranger onto this ship, you’re flirting with him-” “I’m not flirting!” Bones replies, “he’s just very persistent. Looks more like you than you think.” “He does not!” Jim says, looking over his shoulder at Prince Charming, who’s eyeing both Jim and Bones with interest. “I never hit on you…” Jim continues, and Bones raises his eyebrows, “… in the last year, or so. Can we just get him off the damn ship? He’s fine, he doesn’t need any help, and he certainly doesn’t need you.” “Please, like you’ve never been close with a local before,” Bones huffs, and Jim looks up at him - somehow both worried and upset at once. “That’s different! And what do you mean, you intend to sleep with him?!” “No,” Bones replies, “but if I were, that’s none of your business.” “You know I can hear everything you two are saying,” Charming calls out to both of them.
  • Being wanted is a nice feeling, though. Prince Charming is insufferable, constantly following him, touching him and - yes, bursts out into song meant to serenade Bones, or whatever, but even for someone as hopelessly romantic as Bones, that is highly uncomfortable. “Oh my God,” Jim calls out to Charming, “you’re going back to your world now.” “I am a prince, you can’t tell me what to do.” “We’re not on your planet. You don’t rule here,” Jim tells him, grabbing on to Charming’s arm and dragging him back to the transporter room. Bones follows them quietly, listening to, essentially two clones, argue continuously over either being the smartest, strongest, most witty - it’s exhausting.
  • “Bones,” Charming says once they’re in the transporter room, “would you consider coming with me?” “Are you serious?” Jim replies, “no! He’s not. Get on the damn platform.” “Bones,“ Charming presses, and Bones sighs. Nice as it is being wanted, this has gone on for long enough. “I’m sorry,” Bones says, gently patting Charming’s shoulder as he helps him on the platform, “it never would’ve worked between us.” Prince Charming simply responds by cupping Bones’ cheeks, leaning in to press a kiss on his lips. “Are you sure?” he asks, and Bones nods. “Very,” he replies, “now get off this ship.” 
  • Scotty beams Charming away, and Jim immediately rushes after Bones as he makes his way back to med bay. “What was that all about?” he asks. “What do you mean?” “I don’t know, the fact that he just flat out kissed you,” Jim replies, “seriously, Bones, you have questionable taste.” Bones looks at Jim, huffing. “Tell me about it. No need to be jealous, though, I was never into him.” “I’m not jealous,” Jim says, “just concerned for your wellbeing.” “Super jealous,” Bones replies. “Am not.” “Are too.” Jim sighs, stopping Bones in his tracks to lean in and kiss him. It stuns Bones, clearly, until he pulls away with a frown. “What was that for?” “Am I a better kisser?” Jim asks, and Bones raises his eyebrows. “Are you serious?!”  “Well, am I?” Jim asks, and Bones huffs. “No,” he lies, the devastated look in Jim’s eyes only half worth it, “but feel free to join me in my quarters to practice.”

I was bored and had the urge to go for a walk so I went down the street past the park where there’s some railroad tracks and a small wooded area. Ended up finding my first ever opos.sum skull, and it’s completely intact with all the teeth.

The body was mostly there too so I picked up what bones I could find, but it did seem to be missing some parts.

The Truth Hurts

Pairing: Bones x Fem!Reader

Rating(s): Angst, Anticipation, Fluff, Mature,

Song: Kindly Calm Me Down by Meghan Trainor

Word Count: 1430

Note: After watching all three movies twice in the last two days I wanted to think about a possible OC for the universe. As I always do when I join a fandom. This is a little peak about this OC. I, of course, will be writing this as a reader insert, but maybe someday I will write a first person with said OC. Being my first OC there will be a lot of modifications as I write stories and things like that but for now what I’m writing is her canon. ;D 

Note 2: There are a few things mentioned for smells. iodoform: a chemical that is known as the “hospital smell” and Avalanche speed stick: It’s a men’s deodorant. It’s my favorite. I buy it just to smell it when I’m having a lonely day…That sounds so fucking weird but hey we all got dark secrets. 

Note 3: I picked the song after I wrote this. The more I listen to it the more it makes sense with the emotions that are felt toward Leonard. Not really the feel of the story but what your feeling toward him. I think I said that right. (it’s 6 AM and I didn’t sleep at all) Don’t listen to it you don’t have to. But it is greatly appreciated when you experience the story in full with the song in the background.
Tagging you @sdavid09 if that’s alright ♥

“Dammit Y/N! I can’t just tell everyone in the med-bay that I’ve got a date and their injuries can wait!” With knitted eyes and a clenched jaw, you held back the tears that were starting to swell. 

“You know good and damn well that’s not what I was coming to you for.” The words left and to your surprise came out in a calmer and less hurt tone.

“Then what the hell are you asking me? I have to get back!” He was agitated and you were too because not once had he thought about what the date was. 

“Forget it. I’ll just go watch the captains quarters like I was assigned. Get back to the med-bay.” before you could turn away he cocked his head to the side while throwing his hands around. 

“What in the hell has gotten into you?” You wanted to start yelling and screaming every single thought you had been withholding for the last ten hours but pursed your lips.

“I’m tired and you forgot about what makes today…” You bit your lip not wanting to finish your statement. 

You turned back to him and let your shoulders fall as you let your anger subside and show him how upset you were. He was still standing tall and raised a brow at your sudden change in behavior and posture. 

“What did I forget about today?” his tone was calmer but he was still pissed.

“It doesn’t matter. Attend to those in the bay. I’ll see you some other time. I have to go watch Kirk’s quarters for the night. If you care to come check on me.” You walked off while shaking your head.

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Bone correspondences

A little while ago, I realized that there is NO info on what bones to use for what. I was clueless and had no idea where to begin. Research was fruitless and asking others came with no results.
So I sat down during preap algebra 2 and made my own list.
These are my own correspondences, based off of what I felt like and remembering bits of spells I’d thought about. They are 100% my own, taken from no one.
Please give me credit if you use it anywhere else :)
I also know I haven’t included every bone out there, if I missed one msg me, I’ll give it some thought and see what happens! :D

▪Teeth- communication, learning other language, news, defense
▪Skull- thoughts, divination, communication, spirit work, astral
▪Spine- support, confidence, level headed
▪Arm- help, blocking (curses, hexes, psychic attacks, etc)
▪Wrist- flexibility, hard work
▪Hand- art, artistic ability, creativity, energy
▪Fingers- fluidity, progress, endurance
▪Nails/ claws- fighting, protection, finding things out, knowledge, struggle, balance
▪Rib- agility, protection
▪Hip- ebdurance, keeping it together
▪leg- endurance, travel, strength
▪Ankle- movement, moving on, catalyst
▪Foot- endurance, moving on, leaving things behind, hard work, independence, luck
▪Toe- balance, help, prosperity, money, changing luck (for the better or worse)
▪Tail- (like actual bones in the animals tail, not the tailbone) agility, secrecy, alarm, cursing

(Edited to include:) ▪Antlers- strength, endurance, masculine energy, (if you’re Wiccan, the horned God), protection, more centered toward nature and earth, deflecting curses, and hope. ▪Horns- wealth, the home, determination, aggressive protection, more centered toward that which is man made, and cursing