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DSoD Playlist

Whoever gave me Anybody Out There by Gabrielle Aplin for the DSoD playlist, identify yourself so you can claim your prize.

Anyone, follower or not can make suggestions (asks also open for anons): 

We are still in need of songs for:

  • Diva - either fight scene or general
  • (Optional) School scenes - looking to the future
  • Diva duelling Kaiba/Obelisk is summoned 
  • Ryou and Diva and/or Shadi and tiny Yami Bakura 
  • Yugi vs Diva (ideally not too grim) 
  • Tag Team vs Plana
  • ‘For him. The Pharaoh' 
  • 'He didn’t start it but Atem finishes it’

I’m not good at identifying genre, but aim for rock/metal area (if Kaiba wouldn’t let it play in the same room as him then probably not), as it needs to gel with the others. Multiple options are good.

And please. I beg you. No more ‘gay brooding in space’ songs. We have five. It’s a saturated market.

You can suggest for an area other than those listed, and even if you see anyone has also suggested something for one up there you can still say yours or put in another vote for theirs - choices are useful. Except for space. No more space.


In 2012, the mutilated remains of 27 people were discovered buried at the edge of a Kenyan lagoon. It was revealed that they had been killed some 10,000 years ago. It appeared as though they had all been bound by the wrists and then stabbed and bludgeoned to death. The remains include at last eight women, one being pregnant, and six children that were all under 6-years-old. Most of the skeletons bore severe skull fractures, including blunt force trauma to the cheek and facial bones. They also suffered from broken hands, knees, and ribs, while some had arrow marks to the neck, chest and skull.  This is the earliest evidence of warfare between stone age hunter-gatherers.