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Luna: “…But yes, he’s my boyfriend too”

Nyx: U dead


robron + aaron “You didn’t have to go all bodyguard?!” dingle.


They are liars, the both of them. One lies for the Rebellion, the other lies to keep herself alive. In their hearts, neither feels justified. Neither is willing to take off their masks—underneath, there might be nothing left. Whether they’ll be able to lie to each other is another story.

Cassian Andor has been undercover as an Imperial officer for the Rebellion for so long, it may not even be a cover anymore. He had always been perfect for the job, cold and charming at the same time. Jyn Erso, meanwhile, never asked to be a part of this fight. It is for her last favor to the main who raised her that she donned Imperial armor and was assigned to Captain Andor’s flight crew. She will lie her way to freedom, even if it means leaving herself behind. Even if it means becoming Captain Andor’s personal bodyguard.

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Requirements for being Taylor Swift's bodyguard (2013/2014)

1. Must be a good photographer.

NOTE: Photography lessons might be mandatory in some cases to avoid results such as these:

2. Must be comfortable carrying Miss Swift’s personal items, such as purses…


…or even shoes.

3. Must be a qualified waiter.

External image
External image

4. Must be able to deal with boredom…

…not fall asleep on the job…

…and never lose hope.

5. Must show signs of being a gentleman, such as opening doors…

…or offering help when Miss Swift has trouble dealing with her desire of being a giant.

6. Must be prepared to put his life on the line while doing some of the most dangerous and high-risk activities in the world, such as hiking with gingers…

…or house hunting with the family.

7. MUST NOT, under any circumstances whatsoever, try to keep Miss Swift away from her fans. Break this rule, and he must be prepared to suffer her rage.

External image

Or even worse, be the recipient of one of her infamous eye-rolls.

External image

8. Must know how to handle the pressure of the tabloids.

9. Must be a good grocery shopping partner…

External image

…and an antiques connoisseur.

10. Must know a few knock-knock jokes.

11. But above everything else, he MUST master the Swift’s trademark: the art of photo-bombing.

Being Taylor Swift’s bodyguard is not for everyone.