gif: bob's burgers

  • [Naomi and Gabe are stuck in a pit]
  • Elena: Naomi, are you sure there isn't something down there you can use to climb out?
  • Naomi: Oh, wait! Here's a grappling hook! Oh, and here's an escalator! Silly me!
  • Gabe: We're about to die, Naomi. Do you really want your last words to be sarcastic?
  • Naomi: [sarcastically] No!

I think one of my favorite parts of Bob’s Burgers is not only do Bob and Linda put up with their kids (and their antics) they actually genuinely like spending time with them

like they genuinely like them as people

they don’t always fully understand them, and they ‘click’ in some ways with one of them in ways they don’t with others, but they love them and they like them

Bob plays the straight man to Critter’s crazy idea to sell his bike to a banker and Bob says it was a good day because he spent it with his kids, Linda wants to hang out with Tina at the hotel, Bob wants to do something special for his birthday with his son, Linda sneaks Louise out of school to spend time with her because she thinks Louise is a good person

it’s just well done and shows that in the end, the reason we root for this family over seven seasons is because they are a family