gif: birth of a family

The littlest things about INFINITE that made me emotional while watching Birth Of a Family

1. Like how Sungjong bonded with Coco, Nurungie and Tofu to the point everyone kept on looking for him when they needed to calm the dogs down or make them listen. And how even the puppies learned to bully Sungjong from watching other members I suppose. Sungjong still ran relentlessly after the puppies like a mom.

2. How Sungyeol, Woohyun, and Sungjong were upset when their puppies couldn’t be in the advertisement they shot. They defended their puppies’ acting skills and Sungjong even covered Coco’s eyes when they brought in a dog actor to act.

3. How much effort Myungsoo and the others put into building a dog house from scratch.

4. How the members called the puppies ‘kids’ and talked to them.

5. How upset the members all were when they heard that the puppies would be leaving.

6. How Sunggyu, who started out with being scared of dogs ended up giving them a shower and loving them.

7. How Sungjong’s voice broke every time he spoke about the puppies leaving.