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Ted Theodore Logan meeting you for the first time and thinking you’re the most beautiful person he’s ever seen.

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How did you became a fan of keanu?

Okay: story time, kids!

so, sixth grade; It’s the last week of my first year in junior high. 

I wasn’t even going to go into school that day, tbh. (as was the usual with my 12 year old slacker self -skipping school and all- especially, towards the end of the year.) AND especially, when I had one last report to hand in that I hadn’t even started… even though my social studies teacher had allowed me extra time so I wouldn’t fail his class for the sole purpose of never handing in homework.

Anyway, that day, I stroll into class; I’m already late, my uniform is disheveled, and I’m unabashedly unapologetic… but, It matters not, because, guess what? 

The class is watching a movie today! Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, more specifically.

Okay, cool, fine, whatever. I settle in at the back of the classroom, preparing to be half bored to death by whatever mind numbing movie the teacher decided to bring in for us to watch. 

The opening credits roll in, electric music and electric colors straight out the era they were born from (the ‘80s). Buzzing, high energy. The music quiets, almost abruptly, and you meet Rufus. Rufus, straight from the future, who’s enveloped in darkness, yet still a source of light, explaining some ridiculous concepts that somehow make sense. You can’t help but laugh.

Then… you meet Bill and Ted; Goofy, goofy, goodhearted Bill & Ted, just trying to make a life out of what they love. Even though, they don’t know how to yet, telling from how terribly they’re playing their guitars at this point.

Halfway through, I find myself on the floor, sitting at the front of the classroom, nose practically pressed against the projection board. I’m hopelessly enamored, as well as amused. 

Awestruck by the concept of seeing two kids who aren’t exactly the smartest or even the most talented being portrayed as the heroes of the story. 

Two kids who are so much more than they seem; simultaneously played off as idiotic and cleverBill & Ted, who may not be the greatest at school, but are still resourceful and destined for great things. For no other known reason than this: they remain good and kind, even when other people aren’t… and refuse to give up even when things are looking most heinous. 

Especially Ted Theodore Logan, who, is obviously from a severely broken home and remains kind, even when his emotionally/verbally abusive father threatens to send him away, or when his little brother loses The Napoleon Bonaparte. 

Ted Theodore Logan, who I decided then and there that I really admired and looked up to not only because he was kind and good, but because no matter how many people (his father/teacher/etc) told him he was destined to fail or become a loser, he never tossed in the towel and gave up. 

Which really resonated with 12 year old me at the time. Both coming from a particularly chaotic/broken home and not being the greatest at school. 

All my love & good vibes,

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