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Fendi for Young Bae - The Making Of


You know that Big Bang are the kings of kpop, when only a live performance on M Countdown has 36 mio (!!!) views

For those complaining about GD’s album. Yes the paint comes off, not because they were cheap. They even uploaded pictures of the production and you can see that they are literally drawing on the metal. It has GD’s moms writing on it from his birth certificate and the whole concept for M.O.T.T.E is Kwon Jiyong vs G Dragon. The red ink coming off of very intentional. Its supposed represent the birth blood of Jiyong, and you are in a way kind of supposed to remove the red ink from the USB like as you would when you clean a baby.

As for the download link, I don’t know… I can’t say anything but I still purchased it