gif: bfmv

For those of you who have known me for long time. I have loved BFMV for years. I finally got VIP tickets for the Glasgow gig on the 2nd December. I saw the sound check where I requested “Scream Aim Fire” and Matt replied with

“We don’t have the guitars for that love” in his. Beautiful Welsh accent. Omg he is so sweet and polite.

After sound check we got taken back stage and given our merch..Then the came in the room where my mum and I got this photo taken with the band. They are so sweet I love them so much. Matt just melts my heart. Moose is so shy bless him, Padge is just so cute and Jay is so sweet. Sich shy boys. I asked them all for hugs and Matt said “Of course you can” I also got Matt’s guitar pick from Sound check :D

The gig was amazing, Young Guns, Asking Alexandrea and Bullet were all great!