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anonymous asked:

So, I am a bigger girl and my bf is very VERY thin ( like 120 pounds), but our personalities matched so well and we are super inseparable. In a heated argument last night about our financial situation, he just said " Well we could be in a better place if your fat ass didn't require so much food." over text and I don't know what the hell to even say I am so hurt.

I’d literally be like 
“ Oh my god you’re going to be so proud of me, I found out an amazing way to lose a large amount of useless weight that keeps me down!" 

and to that he’ll say "how” and you can reply with a sizzling 

“ by dumping you. There goes over 100 pounds of body shaming asshole. I feel lighter already. Hasta luego, puta." 

Seriously though, let him go. What a dick.

Hardline Premium details leaked

Someone posted an image of the physical copy of Battlefield Hardline premium on Reddit:

Because Battlefield Hardline Premium edition hasn’t been officially announced yet, we don’t know if this is legit, but it looks pretty plausible.

Reminding that Hardline will come out March 17 and March 12 for subscribers of EA Acess on Xbox One.

Stay on for more updates soon!