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im still so mad tho im mad about rizzles about swan queen about bering and wells about so many non-canon wlw ships because even tho we are starting to see more queer representation we still dont get slow burn relationships we get a few episode arc and then they hook up we dont get castle and beckett or booth and bones we dont get two characters finding a deep love over time we never get this we just get instant girlfriends or long term queerbaiting and im fucking sick of it im not satisfied with most canon wlw couples because they dont often get epic falling-in-love stories and i want that romantic shit

Swan Queen: A modern fairy tail of two women co-parenting a son together. Both wanting to find self acceptance and a family to love and call their own.

Bering & Wells: A heart-broken woman from the past wakes up in a future world with a desire to destroy it. She doesn’t go through with her plan because she finds light and hope in the form of another woman; giving her a second chance at happiness.

Rizzles: Two women who are literally life partners.

Show Creators In The End: No but lady friendship and this random dude tho


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There’s just not enough queer fiction that’s not about “I came out and it was sad”

So I decided to write my own. 

It’s a magical, mythological piece about the love between Aphrodite, the Goddess of love, and Artemis, the Goddess of the Hunt. 

There is angst, and there is sadness, but there is also a happy ending. Because wlw deserve happy endings 2k17. 

Pick up Olympic Hearts: a tale of two goddesses. You’ll be supporting your local tumblr lesbian. Also I want to flail about my story with you. 

Here’s the link to pick it up,

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Inspired by aliciameade's anon yesterday... what writers gets YOU off?

Oh jeez, dude. To be honest, it’s been a really long time since I’ve actually read anything. So, and let me be very clear, NO OFFENCE TO ANY CURRENT WRITERS I’M SURE YOUR SMUT IS GREAT AND HOT AND STUFF, I just probably haven’t read it. #mybad.

And I’m only going off my ao3 bookmarks here because my memory isn’t the best…


Sunday Mornings by lady_deathangel - this one doesn’t quite go all the way but it’s awesome.

The WBUJ Code of Misconduct by delicatetobreak - Always in all of my fic recs.

The Sexual Implications of Teleportation by Care.

Don’t Stop by @littlepip

The Voice Inside My Head (I think that was the title) - I can’t remember the author and the story is no longer up on or ao3, but if you read it… You know.

Bearing and Wells

Catalysis by @winged-mammal - this was my first ao3 bookmark for a very good reason. And my only one for Bearing and Wells for the same.


I haven’t read a lot yet. Buuuuuuut:

Need You by ShippingThings.

I love these posts that pop up every now and again that are all like, “Why does everyone have to be so critical, stop fighting canon, soon the show will be over and you’ll have forgotten all about that couple you ship.”

Lol, no, not my gay ass. They’re going to be carving “Myka & HG deserved better” and “But Swan Queen made so much more sense narratively and emotionally” on my tombstone.

[Credit to @nuttydame for the gif and the inspiration, and for @threeofeight, who i promised I’d do something.]

It’s the first time she feels it. The almost accidental brush of Helena’s hand against her own. So innocuous that it could, for all intents and purposes, be just that; an accident.

Only it doesn’t FEEL accidental.

In that moment, Myka would swear she feels H.G.’s hand lift into the touch. Feels it in the way butterflies unexpectedly swam the space behind her ribs.

It’s in the way H.G. looks away with a smile right before the the touch, avoiding Myka’s eye contact and making it seem like an innocent mistake.

Only it doesn’t feel like a mistake.

It feels like nervousness, fear, and awe, all rolled into one big mess that sits behind her chest and as those unexpected butterflies hang about to flutter around it.

It feels like something.

Feels like a start.

It’s not the first time Myka feels it.

And it won’t be the last.