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Synastry - Cumberbatch and Weinstein

Astrologers look at synastry charts to determine how well two people are likely to get along. Although generally used between two people in a romantic relationship, synastry charts can be done with any two parties - a best friend, business partner, family members, or any two parties who interact with one another.

So what potentially was the relationship like between Harvey Weinstein and Benedict Cumberbatch?

(Weinstein is in red on the outer wheel. Cumberbatch is in blue on the inner wheel.)

I don’t have Harvey Weinstein’s birth time, and without his full name at his time of birth, I am unable to use numerology as a rectification method to place the House of his North Node. So I am using 12 Noon as his birth, which is default. This limits the amount of detail I can use from his chart as I can’t use Harvey’s Ascendant, Midheaven, Moon or House placements without the time. Outer planets are definitely fair game, however.

I’ll start from the “worst” things between them and move on to the “best.” Overall, it wasn’t a very easy business partnership at all.

Harvey’s Uranus square Benedict’s Ascendant is a clash of wills. Harvey may think Ben is self-centered or unaware of certain things. Benedict could regard Harvey as inconsiderate, eccentric, or impractical.

Harvey’s Saturn conjunct Benedict’s Ascendant normally can go either way as a good/bad thing between partners since Saturn can help one work harder or be more disciplined, but in this case, the person imposing rules and regulations is Harvey. Just as the one above, it may cause Harvey to think of Ben as immature, self-centered or impulsive while Benedict could feel that Harvey is a slave driver or stifles his self-expression. Could be a “my way or the highway” kind of energy from Harvey.

Harvey’s Saturn conjunct Benedict’s Pluto causes a transformative energy between them. Benedict would be the challenger because Pluto has the power to transform while Saturn is the taskmaster. If they have good compatibility, this could be a positive thing to get things done between them. If they don’t like each other, it will cause mutual resentment, hateful attitudes, and a desire to harm one another. It can have a parent-child energy to it. Imagine Saturn being the parent telling its child Pluto what to do, and Pluto says, “You’re not my real father! I’ll do what I want!”

Thus imagine Harvey, being the kind of guy who tells a person what they are going to wear, what they will drink, and what they will do simply because he said so, and Benedict says, “Nope.” Combine that with the clash of wills from Harvey’s Uranus square Benedict’s Ascendant, and you’ve got yourself a powder keg.

Benedict’s Sun square Harvey’s Neptune would make Harvey the deceiver toward Benedict, who may be baffled by Harvey’s deceptions. Definitely causes a lack of trust. There could be misunderstandings, doubt, and confusion between the two.

Benedict’s Sun square Harvey’s Jupiter normally isn’t that bad. It’s just less give-and-take between them. Harvey promises more than he can deliver. But added with the one above about deceptions, Harvey may have promised Benedict quite a bit. Like how good it would be for them to work together on TCW and how it would make up for all the showmance shit. But then it didn’t.

Benedict’s Jupiter square Harvey’s Pluto causes frustrations, conflicting aspirations, and misunderstandings. This makes cooperation between them difficult, more so for Benedict.

Harvey’s Venus opposite Benedict’s Mars is normally something you’d want to see between two romantic partners. Basically, it causes sexual tension. Between these two, however, Harvey’s the charmer and Benedict wants to get things done. It’s probably just basic tension between them.

Now the “positive” things:

Benedict’s Mars sextile Harvey’s Uranus would encourage them to be inventive together. Harvey would have the unusual ideas, and Benedict has the ability to carry them out. I don’t know if I consider this “positive” for them, though. Especially as Harvey is the taskmaster over Benedict, and Benedict would think Harvey’s ideas are “out there” or unreasonable, the opportunity of Harvey’s unexpectedness with Benedict’s action doesn’t seem like a good idea to me.

Harvey’s Sun trine Benedict’s Saturn brings confidence, enthusiasm, and ambition to a project they work on together. Harvey could encourage confidence in Benedict while Benedict projects stability and loyalty to Harvey. Sounds like putting on the nice face for the reporters. Like declaring that he is “friends” with Harvey simply on the basis that they both want to make innovative films.

Harvey’s Saturn sextile Benedict’s Neptune is supposed to be inspirational or stabilising, but they are both outer planets, so it’s not a strong influence.

Benedict’s Moon sextile Harvey’s Venus is another thing you’d want in a romantic relationship. It’s where emotions of the Moon and the charm of Venus help the two form an attachment between them. Harvey used his charm in order to deceive Benedict, so there’s that.

Harvey’s Mercury trine Benedict’s Neptune would cause them to seem on the same page about mutual interests. In this case, making movies.

Harvey’s Sun sextile Benedict’s Jupiter allows for mutual encouragement, tolerance, loyalty, trust, and confidence. It’s only an opportunity, though, so they’d have to work at it. If they trust each other from the start and kept that trust, it’s good. If not…then not so much. As Jupiter is usually optimistic, and Benedict is generally an optimistic person, it’s likely he looked forward to working with Harvey, in spite of rumours about Weinstein’s behaviour. This would have allowed for initial trust between them, at least on Benedict’s part.

Harvey’s Sun trine Benedict’s Venus would be another thing you’d want in a romantic relationship. This is more mutual admiration and encouragement, such as doing social things together, and basic companionship. Technically, this would make general socialising together be congenial. They probably do okay while doing the standard slog of promotional interviews and the like.

Harvey’s Sun trine Benedict’s Mercury would be good mental understanding between them and common interests. Benedict would understand why Harvey does what he does, and maybe pick up on Harvey’s disposition.

Their Suns are trine each other. Cancer and Pisces are supposed to be very compatible signs - so far the only Pisces I know he gets along with is James Rhodes, but Harvey and Sophie are definitely no-goes. I don’t think Sun-Sun aspects amount to much, to be honest. (So remember that when you’re looking for a potential mate - gotta look at the big picture, not just your Sun Signs.)

Finally, the last aspect between them, the only thing that could be truly counted as “good,” is Harvey’s Venus trine Benedict’s Uranus. Harvey’s the charmer, and Benedict brings something unconventional. In a romantic relationship, that would be a “love at first sight.” I guess this might be why they both thought the other could do something for them business-wise.

Overall, it looks like Harvey was the more demanding one. (Which isn’t a surprise to people who knew the rumours about him were true.) There definitely is a potential for harsh words between them when things got rough. Saturn conjunct Ascendant and Saturn conjunct Pluto are potentially the most “violent” energy, but all of these are in Libra. Libra tends to want to keep everybody happy. This means no imminent danger of actual violence between them, but definitely harsh words (especially on Harvey’s part) and hurt feelings (especially on Benedict’s part).

Fortunately, Harvey’s Mars (which is in Scorpio) does not make any aspects to any of Benedict’s planets. Someone who has certain planetary aspects with Harvey’s Scorpio Mars would likely be the recipient of his sexual or aggressive advances, or at least Harvey would feel more compelled to go after that person in an aggressive manner.

What I see here is Harvey saying, “Do things my way,” and Benedict saying, “I would really rather not, although I appreciate your point of view.” In the end, Harvey won because he was the taskmaster, and that’s just the way he seemed to do things with pretty much everybody.

For instance, if Harvey (quite likely) told Benedict to “get yourself a girl,” because an actor playing a gay part in a film MUST look straight as an arrow for American film critics and voters, Benedict probably initially declined. Last we heard from Benedict authentically in 2013/2014 was that he wouldn’t mind waiting for marriage or partnership, and was happy just being a desirable star for the moment.

But Benedict understands the biz, and may have started looking for a suitable companion for red carpet events. But we’ve all seen how quickly he does things, right? Weinstein then picked the girl for him - choosing the worst candidate because he was tired of not seeing things get done the way he wanted them to be. (I would point to Weinstein putting in the engagement ad - it would be a way to force the point on Benedict who, if you remember, wouldn’t walk with Sophie or anyone at the London premiere for TIG.)

What Sophie then did to her golden egg opportunity at Palm Springs probably shocked both of them.

In the end, Benedict was likely disillusioned that his high hopes were dashed when he saw he wasn’t going to get the things he was promised, and he was imprisoned in an untenable situation in which Harvey (and Sophie) put him.