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You went to the bank and said, “You know that gigantic old haunted house on the moors? The one the dossers are too scared to doss in? The one the birds are too scared to fly over?” And then you said, “I’d like to buy it, please, with my money”?! Yes, I did, actually. That’s incredibly brave. 

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IMO, the books and the show are both amazing, but I have to keep them as separate fandoms in my head because they differ in key ways. I like some of the new themes and elements they added into the story for the show, and I like all of the details in the books. So I think of book Sansa, Tyrion, Daenerys, etc. as different characters from their show counterparts.

We can definitely agree on that at this point, the characters in the show are completely different entities than the characters they were named after from GRRM’s series. 

But for me, if it was a situation where the TV series was loosely inspired by the novels, but the show writers were keeping consistent with the characters and the universe they were creating, I wouldn’t be as critical of GOT as I am. I would accept that this is a completely different series, as I already do, and engage with it based on that. For example, I don’t fault The Vampire Diaries TV show for having a completely different set of characters who go by the same names as their book counterparts. They are at least consistent with the characterization and development they’ve laid out (though the series in general isn’t above criticism). Unfortunately, as it stands, D&D are not consistent with the world, characters, and story they’re writing. Natalie Dormer was in five seasons of the show and played five completely different and conflicting characters who were all referred to as Margaery. Shae was a character they completely revamped and I enjoyed their version of her, yet in her last season they made their own character OOC just to fit the story needs. Consistency within their own narrative shouldn’t be this big of an issue for them.


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